Pacific Northwest Riders



I'm looking to find out who all is in NW Oregon, SW Wahington area. augidog has been talking about riding down to the Jefferson, Oregon area and I would like to find out who else may be in the area to come down and ride. I mentioned in my introduction that Mt Hebo might be a good half way mark for augi and this may serve for most people located between Eugene Oregon and Centralia Washington. Give me a Holler, we'll see what we can do.
hi many PNW topics going (and deadending), not sure where i should post re: PNW chapter.

my brief update...bushing didn't make it on time, but i bet it's a postal thing, thanks dax for trying to help out, mucho appreciated 8)

i've been talking with dan and we both agree/realize that there will be more chances to get together.

see our PNW monthly bbq topic & consider coming up here to meet, camp, partay, breathe the sea-air, and, oh yeah, RIDE!!!

now...if you'll excuse me, i have to "foot-crank" her down to the post office to check again. 'sides, i need more tobaccy :LOL:
Too bad to hear about your bushing Augie...I was really looking forward to finishing off my vacation with you guys up north.

Is there a halfway meeting point that would work for everybody? Maybe a cruise in Seaside Oregon someday?
yaknow, all the possibilities are still in front of us, guys :D

considering how new MBc is, the spirited effort i'm seeing blows my mind!

the first few events are admittedly rushed and don't always work out, but it tells me we will have many rides together, and that's what i hold on to...have i mentioned i love this place? 8)
i have a yellow slip (the bushing) in my po box, but the counter's closed on saturday...carp...dan, i'll be in touch on monday, i'm too stoked to give up quite yet.
Oh so close!!! Let me know if you are going to be able to make it this week. I think I will be up to my elbows in building frames this weel so it would be perfect timing.

Disapionted to hear you can't make it down but I am very pleased you're getting your part. Maybe latter.
Hello to everyone who was @ "Jefferson Fourth of July". This has been a great deal of fun for me. Riding that bike of yours Dan was like stepping back a hundred years. I have to get mine going! Augie it was a pleasure meeting you and helping out. I don't know if we'll ever get Rick back on one of these bikes but he had a ball all the same. Justin, thank you for the chat about parts and antiques, I'll be looking forward to swapping rides with you once mine is running and please send me the pictures. So to everyone who was down here for the 'Fourth' ( Augie, Dan, Justin, Richard, Ryan and Rick ), it was a wonderful day. Thanks!