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    I am new here. I just bought a Pacific Shorewood beach cruiser and wanted to reply to a post of someone who successfully installed a motor kit onto his Shorewood.

    My question is this....I have looked at a number of 4-stroke kits and the majority of them say that I need a 14" clearance from bottom hole to top of frame. The Pacific Shorewood has 13 1/2".

    Is there a 4-stroke kit with mount plate that would work in the Shorewood, or am I gonna have to do some frame mod work?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc, ~J. Have you Read our Search function on "Shorewood"? And, done some reading? I know for sure that if you search the Gallery, you will find some that if you search our Gallery, you will find some 2-Stroke engine installs on the Shorewood. Try Posting, something in the 4-Stroke Format. You may be surprised at who might answer. I am sure there at least one of the Gurus there can compensate for the 1/2". Good Luck.