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    I am new at the motorized bike game. Got interested on a recent trip to Costa Rica. The streets were swarming with motorized bikes and Chinese 125 Japanese reproductions. Came back, did a little research and purchased a CH 80 from Chris Hill in Thunder Bay Ontario. Turned out to be a beautiful experience. The guy delivered as promised , on time with no delay .I had a couple of questions on assembly and was answered immediately by e-mail. The guys assembly instructions posted on his site were great for any individual with average mechanical skills. Took me about 5hrs to have running. The engine screams. Great individual to deal with. Thank You Henry

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    Welcome there packeryman.

    Got to say the Padre Island caught my eye.
    Beautiful Place.
    So I assume you live there? Got to be a good spot for bike travel, nice and flat.

    Other than messing with MBs my other life long passion is fishing and the PI area offers some great opportunities for that.
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    Absolute paradise, moved here 10yrs ago , after living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for 19yrs(the greatest for back to the land living). The weather is warm year around(some years we never have to turn on the heat)live on a canal with boat lift etc. Fishing is unbelievable(have under water green light in canal, you can watch the 16 to 30 inch speckled trout circle at night. I am totally into these bikes, they are amazing. Where were they when I was a kid? I am sure this is just the beginning!
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    Heh, struck another chord.

    Northeast Kingdom says ye? I lived many years ago, for many The NEK.
    Only somebody from the place knows what we are talking about.

    Know N. Danville?
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