Paint cure time?

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    I've found a lot of painting tips here, but I'm not finding anything saying a recommended cure time before building/riding... and the cans of paint just say "24 hours", which is not even remotely enough time for a good hard curing...

    I'm going to be clear-coating my new frame today. How many days/weeks should I wait before building? Scratches and chips can happen long after paint has cured, of course, but what's a good recommended minimum amount of time?

    I'm using Rustoleum automotive primer, Rustoleum American Accents for color, and then Rustoleum Ultra Cover semi gloss clear. Initial dry time was in the sun, and now the frame is now hanging in my apartment where it stays about 60 degrees right now. Two coats of primer, three coats of color, and then I will do two coats of clear (the clear I bought says each coat is worth two coats of regular)