Paint for Camoflage ?

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    What do you think guys ? here in Canada gas powered bikes are basically illegal-now even our bike path is (but electric is not).
    I like the look of my bike but the Gestapo may even arrest us even if we are not runnung the gas on the trail. I have been toying with military greening the engine (camoflaging it )--i think if i do the whole bike in an accident situation someone will say they didn't see the bike !

  2. RedBaronX

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    the trick is to make it blend in enough so at a glance no one notices it's motorized, but will at least SEE that it's a bike... I would think that if the whole thing-- frame, tank, engine-- is one color, it would be harder to notice that there is an engine amongst the rest of the frame.

    But then make sure you still have reflectors and lights... and the quietest muffler you can find!
  3. motorpsycho

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    if you do this, make sure to use high temp engine paint...good luck finding that in camo colors.
  4. RedBaronX

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    this place has metallic moss...

    high temp paint

    found a few sites with browns and tans as well in high temp spray pints
  5. Must only be illegal in places where there are alot of bikes. I got an expansion Chamber on mine and often pass police cars at 30MPH with no problem...
  6. motorpsycho

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    hmm, guess i was wrong about high temp camo colors.
  7. RedBaronX

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    well, I doubt "metallic moss" is in the pallet of US Army colors, but there seem to be a lot of subdued color choices for high temp paints. Most were for fireplaces as opposed to automotive applications... automotive engine paints are going to be bright reds and gloss blacks, but there were a lot of tans, browns, and grays for fireplace paints.
  8. professor

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    Robin, no matter what color you do, nobody will fail to see the bike.
    I had a similer deal here in NY and finally bought a junk moped for the registeration and converted the bike to meet DMVs requirment and legalized it as that moped.
    I still prefer covert. Hide the motor,gastank and silence it. The plate settles a lot of concern about getting stopped.
    Had a trooper shift lanes today to follow me around a turn and he went his way past me. Probably very curious to see just what in the world I was riding.
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