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    When I get my NE R, I would like to do some painting on it.

    I don't want to change the whole color, just add some design of some sort.

    Not looking for wild stuff, just some nice tasteful old time paint schemes and colors that would look good on black.

    The problem is I have no imagination,none, zilch, nada.

    I have tried to google some ideas, but all I come up with is **** for Harley's, flames and such.

    Does anyone know where I could look for ideas that would look good on a whizzer??

    I have seen a couple of members bikes, but you have to search through a million posts to try to find a paint picture.

    I could use some help and ideas.

    Many thanks. August

  2. Paint

    If I wanted to dress one up I would use 1930's-1950's American Bicycle designs, flares in white or cream on fender tips, possiblr stripe down both sides of fenders. etc.

  3. What would Pee Wee do?

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