Paintball + MB's (or similar contraptions)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Parah_Salin, Nov 14, 2009.

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    So, I used to be big into paintball, but eventually the cost made it prohibitively expensive, between driving out to the fields (only good woods fields about an hour away) and paying for paint and such, but lately after starting a bunch of nerf wars in my dorm I've been wanting to get back into it.

    Anyone else paintball? Also anyone in the eastern MA area know of a good non-field area to play? Or a field where they are crazy and would let me bring a kart/MB with a sidecar to a scenario?

    See there is one cheap field I know of in maynard (if you only play woods), but I can't really get there by public transportation, and the crowd there tends to be the "Little rich kids with $2000 guns shooting 3 cases a day" and they just annoy me, especially because I'm trying to find a cheap way of going pump/pistol simply because I can't afford to go through a case every game.

    Anyone else play paintball? Anyone else fed up by rate of fire/how much paintballs cost?

    I know there are some big scenarios out in Pennsylvania, anyone from the north east want to start a mechanized battalion to go play at there scenarios?

    Also, out of curiosity, describe your ideal paintball MB. I'd personally go with a VERY low geared, belt driven electric BMX bike with a big basket. I'd only give it enough juice for one day and would just switch out batteries to save weight.

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    I play outlaw out here, we have 3 wooded areas available for us to use, so no field fees. We have new players with 98's to experienced players with Egos to pumps and everyone in between.

    As for paint we will do group buys throughout the season, averaging $40 CAD a case so it's affordable to everyone.

    speedballers and kids with $2K markers are always the best when you tag them out with a pump:61: