Painted another gas tank...

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    even though this gas tank will be for a peddle bike, and not for a motorized bike, i thought i'd show it anyway.
    The gas tank is for a 20" jesse james chopper bicycle that i picked up last week for CHEAP.
    i did a lot of body work to the tank by grinding off a weld that ran around the front of the tank where it was welded together. filling the area with bondo and re-shaping it. I added a more realistic looking gas cap in place of the "6-shooter" emblem that was on the tank originally.
    the paint is metallic orange laquer with clear laquer over it, wet sanded with 1500 grit paper and buffed out. The color is dedicated to my son Wyatt who passed away on 8-19-2010...he was 11 years old, and orange was his favorite color.
    this is the same style tank that i used on my motorized schwinn occ chopper, and i did similar work to that tank , except i brazed all the gaps & holes shut on that tank so it would hold gas.
    this tank will never hold gas because it will just be on a peddle powered bike.


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    I believe you have a Special Angel.. helping you on the tank.Take Care.
    Tank looks great
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    Looks great man!
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    Looks great..a fine tribute to your son.
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    here's the bike...still in progress.
    i've changed a few things, including the front wheel and tire to 24".
    chopped & lowered the seat post, built the back rim, added a coaster brake (the bike had a freewheel and no brakes when i got it).
    stripped flat black paint off of the forks, frame and of corse the gas tank.
    the previous owner sprayed the gas tank, forks, part of the frame, and the front and back rims with wrinkle finish flat black spray paint.
    it had 20" wheels front and back with the original 20x3 inch tires front and back. the front rim that was on it was the original,and the back rim looked like a bmx rim.

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    That tank is perdeee!
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    Well worth the time. Looks fantastic.
  8. Sorry to hear about your son passing away. A very touching tribute, I am often outside in my garage or at a buddies working on a bike,car,what ever or out riding with buddies,and dont really spend alot of quality time with my kids. This reminds me what i should be doing because you never know how long you have em for in this world. Thanks for the wake up call. May God be with you brother.
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    These words speak for myself and many..if not all of us here..Tedd
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    Awesome bike man. Sorry about your loss. Great tribute from a talented builder.