Painting engine cowl ?

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    I have not been around for a while, been playing with my Kawasaki KLR650,
    I broke my foot on it (long story), and during recouping I decided I would break out the MB and play with it for a while. I would like to put the Motor, (Staton FD) on a cruiser and wanted to see if any one has ever painted the cowl on it? I will probably paint it black. Any Ideas on prep and paint?
    Thanks all.


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    yes the cover, I guess that is what it is called, Is plastic. Do you need to primer it before you use krylon paint.

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    Use Krylon Fusion for plastics..( says exactly that on label ) not use primer..wipe down with denatured alcohal 4 or 5 times
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    When working with plastic
    For old plastic, use an ammonia-based cleaner and wipe down to clean surface. If the plastic is new, wipe down with paint thinner for best results. Lightly sand glossy surface if previously painted and remove dust with a tack cloth. When dry, apply Krylon® Fusion for Plastic according to the directions on the can
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    Put the cover through the dish washer to clean all the dirt off it, and it came out looking like new. will use denatured alcohol and try to get some Krylon paint.

    Thank you all for your suggestions, Fourms are the greatest thing since sliced bread...

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    What was before sliced bread....dishwasher good :idea:
  8. I painted all three of the Robin engine covers I own. Works well with the Krylon for plastics or any good spray paint if sanded and primered first. The air cleaner cover won't hold any type paint I've tried without flaking off on the Robins. I think it flexes too much with the engine vibrations. Perhaps the paint used on flexible plastic auto bumpers would work, but it's expensive and the black cover looks okay unpainted anyway, unlike the ugly mustard color on the Robin engine cover.
  9. rwquiring

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    Ended up using the Krylon Fusion paint and it worked great and I also did'nt get any runs:grin5:

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    I used Rustoleum plastic primer. With that, you can use any top coat. In my case, I wet sanded the grain off of the plastic first, but that's strictly a matter of choice. On the pull start I used Restoleum Hammered finish. I have had this on the bike for 2 years- holds up well. No flaking at all.

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    Here are some final shots of the paint job on the engine cowl, I think that it came out just fine, now I need to get a new bike to put it on:grin5:


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