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  1. stude13

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    with all of the vitreol and misinformation about gov. palin a person might try to get info closer to the source. the newspapers of alaska are rife with info. two of the papers are anchorage daily news and fairbanks news miner. to show my druthers i will say having her a heratbeat from the button scares the stuff out of me. mitch

  2. Torques

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    She is nothing more than a "gimmick".
  3. Mountainman

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    she may be just the "gimmick" that goes all the way to ---
    vice president of The United States of America...

    no matter what -- a few in Alaska say
    her state wide approval rating is holding strong at around 80%

    for some that may not know --

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  4. jmccrury

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    It also scares me that she could be just a heartbeat away from being president. Especially with a 72 yr old man as prez. I don't understand how anyone could support the McCain campaign with her as VP. If I was going to vote for him, she would definitely make me change my mind. It's odd how all I heard about Obama from the Repubs was how inexperienced he was, yet they have flocked to Palin who has been mayor of a small town and gov of Alaska for two years. How anyone can say that Obama is inexperienced and she is not has me perplexed.

    By the way I do not support Obama just in case someone is thinking that now. He is nothing more than a socialist.
  5. Pablo

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    Now you guys know how I feel when I think of Obama as President. Scares the stuff out of me.

    Obama and a full boat D congress. BOHIC!!!!
  6. Mountainman

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    I can't understand why some people believe in this guy ???

    It seems to me -- that with many questions asked of him
    all he wishes to do -- IS BEAT AROUND THE BUSH

    Obama Mama does that in two ways -- BUSH BEATER
    #1 -- no direct answers to many - should be easy - to answer questions
    #2 -- just blames it all on Bush

    I am very surprized the large break that many have given Obama
    while knowing of --
    those so called friends that he has known in the past !!!

    What a bunch of US bashing punks....

    Wake Up America and --
    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    four more years-four mo-----, now thats scarry. i keep getting e-mail about O being a muslim and hes just an uppity ni---. cant we just be friends. i suggested alaskan stories as a source not a guide. gotta go rush is on fox news, oh my!
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Palin has more executive experience than Obama has and is more qualified than he is. Again, somebody please name some Obama accomplishments?

    Palin is as much of a gimmick as Obama is for being black. There were so many more experienced democrats that should gotten the presidential ticket but it sounds like white democratic guilt and/or affirmative action are the order of the day<--most accomplished and most qualified need not apply.
  9. stude13

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    bigotry rules
  10. kerf

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    Skyliner70cc, ever feel like we're out numbered. Bicycle forum, who would have thought, we should have gone into stock cars.
  11. I think Sarah is the best thing that has happened in politics since Reagan. She is a quick learn and believes the same way I do. It is comical the cheap shots and BS the DAMocRats are dishing out and she isn't reacting to it. It is really hurting them in the polls. She doesn't seem to be emotional or uptight. She knew she and her family would get an anal exam by the bottom feeders and pondscum, but she is up to the challenge and I think she will do just fine after her briefings on international affairs. Biden is a loose cannon and I look for Omama Hussein bin Laudin to replace her with lyin' Hillary. Bill will probably have B.O. wasted anyhow if he lucks out. I am anxious to get some photographic B.O. signs to use sighting in my wife's scoped .243
  12. stude13

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    a valium or the secret service-your choice
  13. Pablo

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    Now that is funny.

    I'm gonna bow out of the political threads from here on out. No one is changing anyone's mind and dang if I don't waste productive time!!

    No get out there and ride it like you earned and built it with your own sweat.
  14. jmccrury

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    Someone please tell me what Palin's executive experience is that qualifies her to be VP? And no, being mayor of a town with only around 7000 people is not it. If you are going to be vp then you should have the qualifications to be president and neither Palin nor Obama have that. As someone has already said, Palin is a gimmick and so is Obama. The sad thing is that one of them will be in the white house either way.
  15. arceeguy

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    I vowed to do the same. No point making enemies over politics. I guarantee that if we all met in person, we'd find out that we are far more the same than we are different. We just believe there are different paths to the same goal. (and conservatives are right - just kidding......maybe.......NOT!) :p
  16. To me I see Obama with a lot of pressure to be the first black president and with that a lot of pressure to be a good president.
    He has a lot to prove.
    McCain can carry on because he believes he has already proven himself without lifting a finger.
    That's my opinion of the two.
    And who will boost our economy.
    I think Obama has a better chance at that.

    But these guys are just puppets and Congress is controlling them.
    I guess either way Congress wins.

    So if you look into the "Which first lady would look better in the White House" crowd I'm still for Obama just so it will be written in history that Bush was replaced with a Black man with a Muslim name.
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  17. terrence

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    It never ceases to amaze me how people can stand there with
    their privates hangin out exposing to the world their every thought and belief.
    I always have a good opion of people on this forum but its very difficult to
    keep focused on what this place is about when every 2 minutes a economic
    or political view is splashed on the top of todays posts.
    I did a quick search for political blogs and came up with 240,000. I searched
    for bicycle forums and came up with only a few. I wish we could keep this
    about the MB's. terrence
  18. stude13

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    lets ride
  19. Zev0

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    As long as we have moderators that let things keep going that should NOT have been allowed to start in the first place, things will keep deteriorating. Politics are NOT supposed to be allowed at MBc. Seems like perhaps we need a change in moderators that will follow the rules.
  20. Mountainman

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    thought the white zone was for subjects such as this or anything ???

    I don't know -- still what I would call -- new here..

    excuse me while I - Ride That Thing - Mountainman