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    Hello all, I am a new member. I am recently"Trying to be retired", early that is! I am 47 and always dreamed of an early retirment. I worked all my life and went to college, finally geting my BS in Electrical engineering, now is when I hope all that work pays off, enough of that! I've always been fasinated by small engines, go carts, mini bikes, Whizzer motor bikes,
    anything I could build as a kid. I built my first motorbike, in my Dad's garage @ 6 yrs old, using "junked briggs engnes and old bike parts from the trash".
    I have been hooked ever since. At 16 I started to build a 1949 Harley Chopper, I was 20 before it saw its first highway, I still ride that motorcycle today! But my real thrill are the motorbikes! I am finishing a Shwinn, OCC Chopper with a 70cc china kit, for my wife and I have a 20 inche BMX style bike I want to motorize, with a 70cc kit also, that will be a chalenge!
    Well enough of me, I'll be holerin' @ youns soon 'nuf! See youns later,

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    Hi Rich, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    welcome from FH :)
    we should get together for a ride