Pantera 7sp 4stroker. First build.

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    Hey fam, so this is it. Got the bike, she seems sturdy. Nice gear set, 7 speed shimano tourny gt, shimano revo grip shift, Power V Brakes. New, wider kevlar belted schwinn tires. Rides smooth but moves like a boat compared to what im used too. (23 inch, 21lbs, 56/16 bmx with flintstone style brakes) Ordering the engine/drivetrain kit now. Probably an HS 142/4G. Will have a pic of the bare bike up shortly, suggestions, advice, horror stories, and constructive criticism is greatly ecouraged. Game on people!

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    Nice combo and a fine choice, I have had great luck with that combo on a Pantera and other bikes.

    I am starting the first ever 53cc 144F/10G KCK Long Shaft shifter build on a Pantera hopefully next week.
    I think I'll lace in the 3-speed SA internal hub with a band brake I have just sitting around in it and make the rear brake lever a dual pull.

    Are you going direct drive or shifter?

    If you went with tires wider than the stock 2.128's you may have chain clearance issues with a direct drive.

    On the bright side the hub is the perfect size for most direct drive rear sprocket mounting.
    Trueing the sprocket is pretty easy when it almost perfectly fits the hub and you don't have a coaster brake ;-}

    If you click my KC's Builds sig link you can sort on All 4-Stroke builds, you will find a few 4-stroke Pantera's in there.

    Note that as of this post my server is having connection issues not unlike United Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange had yesterday.
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    I believe ill stick to direct drive for now. Later on I might upgrade to a shift kit. The bike came with some stock 1.75s. I got 2.125s. Id like to get get more familiar with the whole process before i take on mounting a jackshaft. I havent seen a freewheel crank in forever, guess they finally found a practical use....
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    2.125's will be fine. Odd your bike didn't come with them, all mine have.

    The Pantera is a bit tight but they come out nice direct drive.


    Not great off the line with only 49cc but it's easy to give it a little pedal boost to get going.

    Yes, freewheel cranks are the key to a shifter and do indeed have great use now.
    Gears change everything, especially for a little engine.

    Here are some tips should you find you wish you had gears for your engine power in the future...

    Actually it is really just freewheeling sprockets, not pedal cranks.
    The sprocket pair is not directly fixed to the pedal crank shaft, they attach to a bearing and that attaches to the crank shaft so the sprockets will spin free on their own in one direction.




    I use the Sick Bike Parts bottom bracket parts, their ~$80 HD freewheel bearing holds up well.
    Their jackshaft base mount is nice too, much better than the stock kits, just not as good as mine ;-}


    Give me gears, or give me a chauffer ;-}