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    Papamotors Review

    Last year I decided to take the plunge and order a kit from this manufacturer. They included a “Ping” battery with their higher end kits. You can read my Ping review separately since I have dealt with both companies.

    Having dipped my throttle into an ebike, I took the motorized plunge. In my case, it was a given as I have bad feet and a bad knee, so pedaling gets quite painful after about ½ to a mile. With a throttled bike, it is my crutch so it got me around. My original purchase was a Currie Ezip which had a geared rear motor (electric) which was quite noisy and topped out around 16mph. The lead acid battery gave about a 10-mile range, which decreased after about 6 months. Luckily, the battery lasted a little over a year and the motor a bit beyond that. With the replacement of both the motor and battery, I started adding it up and was looking at 500 plus bucks to rebuild. Remember I got this bike brand new at a Pep Boys store for $299.00 plus tax. The slow speed was never really an issue, but distance was so I started looking and thinking of what to do. After careful consideration, it made sense to go the Papamotors route. Now the decision came on to price. It seems quite apparent that they are pushing the 1000 watt 48 volt systems as a 500 watt 48 volt system is 10 dollars less. I had thoroughly researched the decision, weighed all the pros and cons and then went with the no-brainer and perhaps a con or two ;)

    They claim when you order their product the kit arrives within the first two weeks and the battery arrives one to two weeks later. They ship from China. I placed the order through their website that goes through their PayPal and then waited. Meanwhile my old Ezip got pulled out in the backyard. The doctor at hand… I started by removing the motor and mount, then came the old battery rack and finally the wiring and throttle. You can find my original project here in the forums and its buildup as a roadmap should you like what you read.

    With the old bike stripped within a week the first package with everything less the battery and charger arrived. It was a square box slightly bigger and wider then the wheel, in my case a 26 inch wheel with tire, hub and tube. The shipping was free and no tax…shhhh. Cost was $1049.00 for everything. Considering what I got versus what it would have cost me for currie parts, not bad, and it gets much better…read on!

    The assembly and following the pdf instructions I printed out, took me several hours, about 8 to be exact. The bike was a looker and also lighter with no lead acid batteries at 20 lbs. It was nice to have support. Firstly, I emailed them at the factory and they would reply within minutes in many cases. Remember these guys sell all over the world not just here. Their responses were quite humbling and I can see why the Chinese have been great capitalists. Because they understand customer service. Please don’t get me started about many services here in the USA like Currie who made me wait a day later even though they had the part in stock and I could pick it up, and their service lady was quite hostile to me. Papamotors went to do everything they could to accommodate my needs and work with me. Big difference! But with everything done and my bike waiting for the Ping battery to arrive, it still was not yet working and I had to wonder if there wasn’t something I hadn’t messed up during the installation. So, into the garage the Ezip went, awaiting a new life and battery, mainly a 48 volt 15amp LifeP04 battery. A week passed and then a heavy square box arrived, actually not that heavy. It was the battery and charger. They include a free 2.5amp charger but offer a 5 amp charger as a 70 dollar option. Best advice, buy the 5 amp charger. The battery bag and the seat post rack were included in the first shipment. Well I rested up another day, then casually opened the box and assembled the rest of what had to be done. Began charging the battery with the 2 amp charger and it took about 7 hours. There are lights on the side of the battery and when they all were red, it was time to unplug the charger. It was light outside, and so for the former ezip turned into a super zip, it was time to throttle it up. I had used the twist throttle. Took it out and what a difference. 30 plus mile range, mid throttle at 19 mph with ease.

    I eventually bought a Schwinn Meridian Trike and put the same exact kit on that and got a 5 amp charger this time. Charges within 4 hours or less.

    One thing, the battery rack off the seat post broke under normal usage after a couple of months. Papamotors re-credited my cart, no hassles. This spoke volumes about them as a company. So, I have had experience with them since November of last year 2012. To date their product has worked without issues. I had installed a traditional rack on the ezip and remounted the battery on that. When a company is willing to make good on their products and services, I don’t think it can be much better than that. So, during the last 6 months it still works fine, over a thousand miles ridden, and still going strong. Unlike Currie’s attitude and contempt towards me as a customer for spending my money with them. Unlike Clean Republic’s bottom of the barrel and expensive, slow, very limited range entry product that costs you in arms and legs and may be dangerous, I hit the jackpot with Papamotors as their product turns heads with their riders.