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    I just bought a Greenline B106 to motorize. I am having trouble fitting the drive sprocket to the rear wheel. Is there a trick I should know?

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    Can't get the sprocket to fit!!!

    I haven't even been able to get the sprocket in place to begin the installation of the pads and bolts. The hole in the sprocket seems to small, and the bearings won't seat on the break lever side of the axle. I thought I could just remove the lever, slip the sprocket on, replace the brake lever, and bolt on the pads. I had to remove the insides of the rear axle and put the sprocket on, then try to reassemble the coaster brake. When I did that, the "flange" by the lever was too big to fit through the hole in the sprocket. I gave up and reassembled the rearend, thinking I'll have to try motorizing a different bike. Too bad, cause I really wanted to use the Greenline.