Parallel to tire tensioner arm design

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    This tensioner is an after thought accessory to a hybrid motor mounting system. It addresses a common nagging problem of HT motorbike riders so I am going to skip a couple of mounting steps and present it anyway.


    The tensioner steel sprocket purchased on ebay was probably made for recumbent or tandem bike configurations. The wood tensioner arm can be moved up and down in a elongated slot. The advantages of this system over conventional original equipment mounts are the safety benefit of eliminating the risk of the tensioner arm falling into the spokes. Since the tensioner assembly is not directly mounted to the bike frame, there is no paint scratches. The tensioner can be easily adjusted, perhaps without tools. The assembly can also help maintain the orientation of the engine in the event of a front engine mount failure. Riders using lighter frames such as aluminum and concerned about structure loads and vibration cracking may see an advantage in this type of tensioner. This is presented as another way of adjusting chain tension and reducing chain side sway in particular. This is being used with common light duty 410 bike chain. Other
    materials, shaping or painting could be done to improve the appearance of the build, although it makes the bike more likely to be stolen if you do that sort of thing I have been told.

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    I like the concept.

    But I'm not clear on exactly how it's mounted. Apparently attached to the engine. But the photos weren't clear on exactly how.

    Nice job.