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  1. Karen

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    Be very careful you know where and where you are turning. Don't let fear or other cars rush you. Take your time and ride safely.
    I'm not really new, I just couldn't remember login. My accident occurred July 2nd and I still haven't gone home. I was in ICU from 7/2 to mid-August at Shands Jacksonville, FL then went to Shands TCU in Jacksonville for rehab. I'm still here and tentative discharge date is November 19th.

    Keep riding but be safe!

  2. 2old2learn

    2old2learn Member

    Karen, thank you for your post. Hope that time will allow you to have a full recovery.
  3. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    thanks for the warning. safety first
  4. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Member

    I live in Jacksonville, myself. So sorry to hear about you accident and will pray for your speedy recovery. Good luck.
  5. Karen

    Karen New Member

    Thank you, but my paralysis is permanent.
  6. Karen

    Karen New Member

    Thanks. If you are ever interested in another bike, mine is for sale lol
  7. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    don't think like that, I know a few people who according to their doctors would never walk again but are probably running marathons right now.
  8. Karen

    Karen New Member

    I know that is true, but I met a man with the same injury as mine, shattered T4 paralyzed from chest down like me, and he has only regained a little feeling in his upper abs. He still has no real stomach muscles to help him move and yet he has incredible mobility. Look up Wheeler Medical on YouTube and near top of search results you will see T4 transfer to truck. He is amazing. His name is Donnie and he started that business.
  9. Karen

    Karen New Member

    Doubtful but thank you.
  10. Karen

    Karen New Member

    You bet. I have no regrets of having and riding my bike even after accident. I really want to get the word out that, no matter how experienced you are, vehicle drivers pay no attention to pedestrians on foot or bike. They will either ignore crosswalk signals, not notice them, not care, or try to beat you and turn before you get near their turn area. And my accident didn't even involve another vehicle. The above is all from personal experience.

    You also have to be careful when approaching pedestrians ahead of you that you are coming up on to pass. I usually shout something like, "Coming up on your left side!", but most of them won't hear you. They are blasting their music through their earbuds. Stupid and dangerous.
  11. 2old2learn

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    One of our local girls was killed while walking on a train track listening to music and got run over by a train. The world can sometimes be quite cruel. I have spent many years dancing on the edge risking life and limb and facing death many times, generally without a scratch. I've always been drawn to danger and tend to go into a zen mode of focus when facing accidental mortality and make my decision and commit to it. Only afterwards am I frightened over what happened.. So far, so good. I'm fast approching the age where an accident may be a far better exit plan than the exit plan of many people whom I have buried in recent years. I have concluded that it is not how long we live. Its how we have lived. My only regrets are that I have not told my loved ones, how much I love them, often enough. Sadly, I have to live with that.
  12. Timbone

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    Very sorry to hear of this horrible incident (I hate the misuse of the term "accident"!). I wish you a complete and full recovery! Please tell us of the circumstances that led to your terrible injury. Thank you and all the best to you!
  13. Mountainman

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    Sorry to hear about your accident.
    God bless you.
  14. troyg

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    Karen, after you get out of hospital, if you want to start rolling again, there has been some wonderful advancement it hand bikes/trikes. From what I've seen, you may be able to get a Cruzbike conversion put on a trike.Take care, and find the humor in things, laughing never stops feeling good.