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    On my street (besides fearing being hit) while I scoot around, what are the odds of officer friendly pulling me over / and for what? I have plenty of reflectors!!! Any help or suggestions! In /az

  2. butre

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    Slim. just don't ride like an ass and they usually won't bother you.
  3. troyg

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    If you mean AZ az in Arizona, you are in a great place for bikes in general.Ride safely-be a kind rider, don't blow signs, no sidewalks, and if you want to go further maybe kill and pedal past if there's a bunch of walkers joggers.Get stopped, act like a kid showing pride in your ride, and tell them if they tried it they would love it as well.
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    Arizonia has 20 mph speed limit. So get a bicycle computer to avoid speeding in areas where the police regularly patrol. Use lights for night riding. Obey all traffic laws. Just stay alert and use common sense. Wear a helmet, use mirrors, get a horn and use hand signals if you don't have communication lights.
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    Do you know what the mb laws are in Arizona?
    The suggestion would be to get educated instead of being paranoid.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    I can't speak for every law enforcement officer, of course.

    But from my experience the police just don't seem to care about us as long as we act like reasonable people.

    Give that body language that says, "Don't worry about me. I'm not going to do anything stupid".

    From what I've gathered from the reports of others around this nation, plus a few others, that's all you've got to do most everywhere. Act like someone they can trust and they've got bigger fish to fry.
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    ive been pulled over twice now on my mb the first time the cop acted like he new every detail about mb laws in our area but it was clear to me he was just trying to fool me into submitting to his non educated self. it resulted in him giving me a warning and i just shook my head and peddled off. the second time the cops set up an ambush to stop me because i usually killed the engine everytime i seen a cop after the first incident but they knew my route to work and not even kidding when i say this, one of the cops hid behind a bush and yelled for me to stop as i drove by. so i explained to him that these cannot be considered a moped with the amount of cc's and the fact that it is still considered a human powered bike with the engine as an assist, he then called into dispatch to verify and let me go on my way, but like the other guys mentioned just be calm and cool with them and dont go riding around attracting attention. it never hurts to kill the engine when i cop rolls by just to be safe. that way you can keep the warning card in your pocket and use it if needed