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    Hello fellow riders,
    My name is Johnny. I live in here in southern California. I'm a part time student and part time worker. The distance from my work to school was pretty far (8miles) and my schedule was pretty tight. I didn't have enough money for a car so I decided I'd look into motorized bicycles. I had never built or ridden anything like this before. It did take me a while and some minor tweaking to put it together but when I finally got done. I instantly knew I was going to love this. I purchased a dot cert. helmet and a jacket for safety also:helmet:. ;) I took it to work and from there to school. I was really impressed and satisfied by this little motor. It did everything i wanted it to do and more. But, as far as the chinese parts go for example, the handle brakes, CDI, Carb, Screws, and throttle... the motor itself was very pleasing. Unfortuneatly, after a while of riding I noticed the thing starting to fall apart on me. (not the motor) The handle brake literaly broke in two after pulling it to stop.:( The rear mount for the motor can off while riding and was never able to go back and find it :(, the CDI plug broke and would never stay on. so on and so forth. Nothing really mechanical ever failed on me just all these other made in china :poop: parts. Ive had loads of fun with my bike <3 but since i've gotten laid off other than going to school It just sits parked in my backyard. I love motorized bikes :) thanks for reading all.

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    Loctite those engine mounts