parts for build? advice needed

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  1. bloodeagle

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    the plan- occ chopper schwinn
    ebay motor kit or grubee 48cc kit
    fab motor mount- cut grind weld
    36t sprocket
    find tubeing to extend exhaust...
    What do you think else i may need.
    100bike, 150 motor kit, sprokt 30.

    future mods fab expanssion pipe add boost bottle maybe some nitrous...
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  2. Huntington

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    Your going to need a spacer for the sprocket otherwise the chain will rub your fat tire. Nitrous on these bikes is just a gimmick, spend the money on a sickbikes expansion chamber, it looks good on choppers and helps performance. I dont know how well a 36t sprocket will work with that little wheel, it will be interesting, keep the kit sprocket and experiment.
  3. bloodeagle

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    i saw video of a 50cc destroying a 150cc scooter with some juice.
    i have 17lbs, a nos n2o pressure reg (aka nos thingamajig) drops the pressure from 900psi to 50psi then throu a tinny jet in the fogger NOZZLE....

    a spacer is easy to fab... the kits ive seen use conveyer belt meterial beytween the sprocket and hub.

    i watched all the videos and searched my eyes out...
  4. professor

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    I recall a post about doing one of those. It did require more effort than a normal bike. Just a heads-up, how are you at fabrication?
    As for the Nos, how long will the engine last using it? Can't make any bo-bos.
  5. russ63tr4

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    you can offset the engine

    I built this Schwinn adult chopper, it runs the same wheels as yours. I included pics of my motor mount and rear brakes. If you do it like mine, the professor is right it was a lot of work. our frames are different, Mine is aluminum is longer and swoops down, mine came with the springer forks and disc brakes. I know your frame because I gave my nephew an OCC bike like yours (no motor). The swoop in my frame makes mine more difficult then yours. I made my own motor mount which offset the engine and there was just enough space for clearance. I had to remove my rear disc to make room for the sprocket. So I converted it to cantilever brakes on the rear, and used the rear disc to convert to dual front discs. The only issue is with the gearing. These engine kits are designed to used on a 26 inch bike, so using the supplied sprocket will you will only get about 15 mph and you have to be careful to not overrev the motor. I was just looking and JustDax sells a 36 tooth sprocket, but I'm still checking if I can find a smaller one before I buy it. I think there might be a 11 tooth front (as opposed to the 10 it came with) available as well.

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  6. russ63tr4

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    the good news

    With all that said, I have seen a guy from Ohio on eBay (I think you can find him by searching "Schwinn OCC" in eBay) that makes motor mounts and exhausts for the Schwinn OCC chopper. I don't know him and I have not bought from him, so I cannot testify to the quality of his parts. Good luck, Russ

    I made my own tank out of pieces of a 650 yamaha tank cut up reshaped with a new tunnel and base

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  7. bloodeagle

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    mounts and spacer

    the motor mount parts are from a dead donor bike, cut and weld tubes to a plate. The key is to mount motor to plate with the carb as level as possible with sprockets in line without abstructing the bike cranks. Does not seem to difficult but im not a stupid kid!

    sprocket spacer- anyone know how wide the spacer needs to be for the hub/sprocket on the occ schwinn. i saw pics of what looked like conveyer belt meterial. I have a hockey puck and chop saw to cut to fit...

    who has the map for this minefield? You made it through, Ive seen the pics!
  8. russ63tr4

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    Sorry no road map, on mine there wasn't even a road. The rag joints suck. I know that our tires are the same but I'm not sure about the hubs. I had the disc brake and was able to use my disc as a template and drill holes into my sprocket and bolt the sprocket directly to the hub (without any spacer) using the disc mounting screws. Use the best locktite and hard screws. Yesterday I just started looking into what my options are for re-gearing my bike. Something I like about the gear from thatsdax is it has been predrilled for the disc mount. Check and see if you have a ring of small bolt holes on your hub, if you do you should be able to mount it like I have mine. I gather that you can weld, so don't buy that guy's stuff but take a look at it, he has some pics for inspiration. If you are welding you'll see on mine I did not use pipes to clamp my motor to. I made plates with two holes that mount where the clamps bolt down. I made the mount where the motor sits on it, I just didn't drill the mounting holes. That was so I could slide it back and forth on the mount with the chain on it and get it lined up, then drill. I had to clamp my mount to the frame because my frame is aluminum, otherwise i would have welded it. For the exhaust I was able to find some chrome pipe to adapt. If you can't you can use 1/2" electrical conduit and bend to fit. Just paint it black with wood stove dye/paint, not engine paint. The engine paint will burn off. You can get it at a fireplace /stove supply store, look in the yellow pages, I got a spray can for under 10 bucks.
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