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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DeadEyeDave, Dec 29, 2013.

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    So I ordered a Flaming horse slant two stroke I found online for 139.00 with free shipping, I got a tank for the rear rack for around 50.00 because I don't like the look of the tank that comes with the kit and I want something out of the way. I also got the shift kit from SBP. I got the best one. I'm excited to get all the parts and get to work. I'm nervous about the front motor mount, because the tube that it would be attached to is 1 3/4 inches. I was going to get the large front motor mount from SBP, but I'm not sure how wide the bolts from the motor are, and they ask you that when you order.

    I have a feeling that I'm going to be asking a lot of questions once the parts come in and I get down to business. Here's a pic of the bike before anything is done to it. This is a great forum, and I love looking at all the posts and checking stuff out. I'm considering buying some heater hose to attach to the end of the muffler to quiet her down a bit. I saw that on one of the posts here.



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    Nice, welcome to the hobby! I just measured the mounts on one of my kits; the small mount measures 1 5/16" (48mm)and the large one measures 1 7/8" (33mm). Both of my china 2-stroke kits came with large and small mounts, so hopefully you'll be fine.
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    If going for noise reduction, you ideally want high temperature, chemical resistant, silicone tubing with 1/2 inch internal diameter that is two and a half feet long.
    Heater hose will work, but silicone tubing seems to absorb noise terrifically well.
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    Silicone tubing. That's what I meant. I saw a picture of a bike on here with that. I believe it was a green bike. I am very interested in trying to keep it as quiet as possible. I leave my house for work at 4:45 in the morning and I'm very nervous about the sound of a chainsaw blasting past my neighbors in the early morning. That is one of the reasons that I got the shift kit. I assume that I will be quieter when not running at full throttle. Anyway, I'm hoping to get all the parts and pieces sometime this week. I will keep you all posted.

    I've seriously stalked this forum for the last year. I just got a job 5 miles from my home and that pushed me over the line as far as getting the motor for the bike. I have been riding the bike to work every day, but damn some of the hills around here are a killer. I think i might even just run the motor to help me get up hills.

    Oh hey, since i'm posting here anyway, let me ask a question. what do you all think of the bike powered lights? I was looking at some lights that run off a little generator that is propelled by the wheel of the bike. The reviews on amazon said that the lights go out when stopped. is there any way to hook up a small battery and an on/off switch to keep them on when i'm stopped at a cross street?

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    Don't waste your time with a wheel driven dynamo. The new LED lights just blow that old technology to the weeds and they pump out serious lumens.
    One of the vendors on here sells a relatively cheap LED lighting system that turns night into day.

    If you install a Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake, you will find that it noticeably quietens the intake noise, as well as giving the bike more low rpm torque (after adjusting the carburettor jetting to suit the new intake system), enabling you to trundle along at 3,000 rpm; reducing both intake and exhaust noise by a significant margin.
    The silicone hose really dampens exhaust noise; making it easier to ride in a stealthy manner; especially in the early morning hours when sound seems to travel for miles.
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    That silicone tubing sounds good, it is meant to be attached to the end of the muffler or before it?
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