Passing IN Bike Lane - Slowdown Please !!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mountainman, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Mountainman

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    Well - I am fairly new to riding MBs in bike lanes. Here in Ca - if a MB is going slower than traffic we are to stay in the bicycle lane - my top speed is 22 mph - thus bike lane for me.

    In my short time of riding in bike lanes I have noticed MANY OBSTACLES -
    just to name a few --

    Walkers, runners, wheelchairs, bicycles, blind people, strollers, cars
    and as we know - the list goes on and on.

    Point that I wish to make -- and also burn into my minds eye

    Is for us on MBs to be very careful while passing or coming close to others while we are in bike lanes.

    As we know - at times it's a test to avoid hitting ones not paying attention while they are walking, riding, running and everything else that ones do in bike lanes.

    I have been thinking about bike lane passing speeds - while coming close to others - here's the question

    When in the bike lane and coming close to others in the bike lane --

    I am thinking that at a speed of 20 to 30 mph - is just to DARN FAST - if something goes wrong - someone jumps to the side that we are passing on - they don't know that we are passing - or - as we have seen - come up head on - to ones walking together towards us blocking the whole bike lane ect, ect..

    I think that we need to be very careful when close to ANYONE in the bike lane - we wish not to hit anyone - many times they do not hear us coming - have no idea that someone (MB) may be coming at high speed in b-lane.

    This may be an important issue --- SPEED WHILE PASSING !!!

    Just putting this out there - thinking that when close to others in the b-lane - my speed should be held down to 10 to 15 mph - reason - in case someone does the unexpected - WE DO NOT WISH TO HURT ANYONE - and - if we are seen passing close to ones in the b-lane at high speeds 20 to 35 mph - is this truly safe - NO -- and if we do not act right - or hit someone - I think - the time may come - when we are not allowed in b-lanes at all ---- MAY BE THE END OF - A GOOD THING !!

    All comments and stories pertaining appreciated

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman ---- Ride That Thing !
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  2. CoconutFriction

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    Good post, Mine cruises along at 30mph, which after wizzing by a few people is far to fast for passing. I make it a practice of slowing considerably when overtaking someone.
  3. Mountainman

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    Thank you Coconut - for being safe - not wanting to hurt others - hoping that ones will say after an encounter with a MB - HEY THE BIKE WAS COOL AND SO WAS THE RIDER.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  4. rjwenzel

    rjwenzel New Member

    Pass as wide as possible

    Depending on the traffic on the road, I like to swing as far to the left as possible and sometimes (if there are no cars) I'll just go out into the road to make sure I'll miss them. You can't go wrong if you can do that. However, sometimes I get a bad feeling about somebody and I'll just slow down. Better safe than sorry (sorry about the cliche ).
  5. dwsutton

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    All good tips - What I have noticed round here is runners pretty much stay out of the way as well as walkers . We have a few bike lanes in the newer streets but many roads have a small riding area and you are stuck in the street. I have also noticed somewhat of an indifference in the "bikers" ..... you know who Im talking about, the folks with the spandex - round here they will ride in the middle of he road, at rush hour, to me it seems as if they enjoy creating a traffic jam. I pulled up to one of these purists the other day at a stop sign and he looked at my bike with a look of disapproval and said " you dont get any exercise with "that" . I said nope not much then smiled and said " but Id be happy to race you " :) After we took off from the stop sign I let him get a bit of a head start then a few hundred feet later blew his doors off. Later sweat boy ...... :rolleyes:
  6. Mountainman

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    I have also noticed somewhat of an indifference in the "bikers" ..... you know who Im talking about, the folks with the spandex - round here they will ride in the middle of he road, at rush hour, to me it seems as if they enjoy creating a traffic jam. I pulled up to one of these purists the other day at a stop sign and he looked at my bike with a look of disapproval

    Excellent Point dwsutton -- it seems at times - that these bicycle riders - would perfer us - to be off the road.. OK - this may be a test for us - keeping very cool in our actions while around them -- VERY IMPORTANT - why - because many of them have big time connections with ones in high places - we do not want them against us !!!! Think what you all will - but - I know this to be a fact - I am a retired Government Employee - many who I know - ride bicycles - these ones if teed off - will go to any measure - TO GET US OFF THE ROAD !! Just some food for thought here.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  7. dwsutton

    dwsutton Member

    That is funny - but I agree 100% Mountain that many wearing spandex have a position of power and are not the folks to p%$# off :shock:

    They are usually greenies too. I have a guy working for me in my locksmith business that is a greenie and rides a bike - sadly it is almost a religion to him but he is always spouting off about how I need to be more green - ride a bike, save gas, hug a tree, yack..... but when I showed my new bike he was almost disgusted asking why would you want to do that - I told him about the difference between going to the store in my Ford Ambulance that gets around 12 to 14 mpg to my bike that still does have pedals on it and on three gallons I can go hundreds of miles ......... nope only a 1200.00 bike with spandex, super helmet, 200.00 shoes - can't please him no matter what I do - ah well
    I did tell him NO Obama stikers will ever be placed on my service trucks....... LOL.

  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    That's a good goal for MB ers to have
    getting along with all other riders -

    my wife is a bicycle rider from way back
    until I got my motor - she ran circles around me
    now I ride behind her and act like a coach
    people look and think - wow - that lady has her own riding coach
    and she's so fast -- he needs a motor to keep up !!!

    it's pretty cool ---
    but to remember -- most ones on bicycles think --
    motors are cheating !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Hi rjwenzel -- your comments above = a thoughtful - safe MB rider..

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  10. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    When I pass another biker or a person walking, either sidewalk or bike lane, I slow way down and PEDAL slowly by them with the engine idling, so they know I'm aware of them and pose no threat.

    If there's enough room and no traffic, I'll pass a biker at low speed 20-25 mph or so using the road to go around them.

    Sometimes people stop me and ask questions too, and I have great conversations with people in my travels.

    MBikes rule!
  11. CalgarysFool

    CalgarysFool Member

    Mountain makes a great point maybe worth re-echoing. Earth-Muffin-Cyclist types are surely a larger group than MBc-ers, and not only that, they seem to be somewhat zealously organized and poised for advocacy, daring the world to just give'm an issue to get all up in spandex-clad arms about.

    The other thing, I think, is that any advocacy they undertake may get added weight and visibility from all the regular, casual bicycles out there. I imagine there may be about as many bikes out there as cars...of course, it's only a small fraction that are used for commuting or regular, meaningful transportation.

    I wouldn't want to see them starting to target us as a menace -- it could begin with a letter to the editor in a bike mag, and go from there....

  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Yes Brenton - not to run scared here - we also pay our taxes - road belongs to and for ALL - but must be noted - the pure at heart bicycle riders at many times - think that any kind of a motor added to a bicycle - IS JUST NOT PROPER !!!

    The other day while cruising along at 22 mph on my MB - bicycle rider - lady passed me - at the next light I told her in a NICE WAY how fast she was - she replied back to me - if you were not carrying that extra weight - pointing at my motor - that I would also be much faster.. What could I say at that point -- NOT MUCH - I let her lead the way from then on - not wanting to pass her - while in her SPECIAL BICYCLE LANE.

    I do understand their thoughts and feelings --
    my wife is also one of these -- semi pro bicycle rider..

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  13. CalgarysFool

    CalgarysFool Member


    While it's a funny story DW tells us of dusting that road-racer type guy, I'm with you about the need to be just a bit thoughtful about how others are going to respond to MBc-ers actions. You let her ride off feeling good about her choices, and maybe later she'll be a bit curious, or more positively disposed toward MBs. But if you'd zipped by, as if to say "eat my dust," ... well, THAT might have left a negative impression.

    I think you're really promoting a positive image and good neighborly relations here, which is important for this community, since there aren't (yet) all that many MBs out there. If one of the questions that follows "is that a motor?" is "Is that thing legal?"... good public relations is vital.

  14. Mountainman

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    Brenton -- I don't wish to steal what I think to be a good new thread -- "Is That Thing Legal?" -- I have been asked that many times - twice last night - I will not say where I was on my MB !! I am not sure if there are already threads asking that question - if not - it's yours - do you care to post - "Is That Thing Legal?" Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  15. Accender

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    I never get asked that.

    As the sun reflects off my licence plate.

  16. flyer1

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    I ride a multi-use path that runs parrellel with the highway through our town.You have bicyclists which I don't worry too much about,it's the older folks walkin their dogs or just walkin that you need to worry about.They can't hear me coming with the R/S35 engine at 20+ mph,so I slow way down until I pass them.I think a horn is almost essential if you're dealing with heavily congested areas.If we start crashing into pedestrians with any regularity these MB'S will go the way of the go-peds,which are extremly restricted in my town due to safety concerns.As a side note, I was using one of my favorite cut-throughs when I attemted to pass a car on the right (wrong move) the car turned into a parking spot,I attempted to stop short slide out on some loose gravel and went flying (still bruised and battered).Use caution when passing......Peace,..Bill
  17. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes - flyer1 -- just another GOOD POINT brought up
    people walking their dogs -------
    the other day while riding I spotted person with dog in bike lane
    had to go aprox 10 feet into roadway to avoid dog - watching for cars
    looks like - bike lanes used by everyone and anyone..........
    Be on the lookout - Mountainman
  18. mikaleno

    mikaleno Member

    Yes, I have been doing this also, going slow, veering left around bike lane people. I don't want to startle anyone. I just don't want people to get the impression that MBer's are dangerous, inconsiderate or unlawful.
  19. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    mikaleno =
    considerate of others -- thoughtful -- acting in a mature way...
    something for MB ers to think about.

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman