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  1. rat bike

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    hey everyone i figured i would show a couple of the builds ive had and sold a few of them during my year or so of messing with these motorized bikes. hope you all like them PEACE OUT RAT BIKE.

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  2. rat bike

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  3. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    flickr account

    dosent seem like the flickr acc is workin so you can go to flickr and search rat bikes photo stream if anyone is intrested PEACE OUT RAT BIKE
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  4. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    found some more

    i found more pics to show sorry theres so many ive been doing this for awhile

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  5. Will Snow

    Will Snow Member

    I looked at all your pictures, that is some pretty good messing around. I like the gas tanks you made, they look very good.

    Wish I had your skill, I have never risen above the tinker level but I enjoy the hobby and started tinkering with these motorized bicycles in 1978. My first one was called a Bumble Bee. A real pain to start and keep running and it seemed just about everything broke at one time or another. But when I pulled it out of the back of my airplane ane it kept running I had a great time. Made it into an on and off hobby over the years.

    You said you have sold several, are you still messing with motorized bicycles or have you stopped.
  6. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Nice metal work on those tanks, nice tight compact builds.
    Ever think of doing a more modern looking bike?
    You should.
  7. rawly old

    rawly old Member

    thinking now I'll have to hunt up an old cruiser.

    They're definitely more motorcycle than bike, but absolutely
    inspirational! Know where I can find a cheap tig welder?
  8. curtisfox

    curtisfox Member

    Sure would be nice if you could show us how you made the site gage? LOVE it and all your work.AWESOME !
  9. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    no still doin it makin custom parts tanks bikes u name it if it can be imagined i will build it
  10. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    yhea if there is someone that wants one we will build it but the board track bikes just look so sweet
  11. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    you that site guage was a bit of a pain but it was basically one weld in tapered bung and at the top was just a piece of pipe that fit the bottle and ant the bottom of the bottle was just an o ring gromet
  12. rat bike

    rat bike New Member

    crazy stuff

    these are all parts that i will sell in time i just need to know if there is a want for them and the custom tanks PEACE OUT RAT BIKE
  13. atomichurley

    atomichurley Member

    i like the copper fuel lines
  14. sohcahtoa

    sohcahtoa New Member

    LOVE the tank in Dans_camera_027.jpg, especially the way you routed cables through the tank. nice and clean
  15. kansasmike

    kansasmike New Member

    Great Looking Bikes

    My problem is to many motorcycles to work on.
    And my motor bicycles are always last .
    the winters come fast.
    Nice bikes
  16. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    I feel ya Kansas... I've got so many customer orders this time of year i dont have time for my own rides...
    Between the bike shop and my night job its a miracle i get time to ride.
    BUT the drive to tinker is what this hobby is all about...
    Get to wrenching.
    Its good for you.
    Ride Free