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    Hello, everyone...My name is PatrickW, and my current interest has been bicycles...Adult Recumbent Trikes, to be exact. I have a Trailmate Meteor, Metallic Blue, 21 speed. I love to ride it. I am a 65 yr old retired police officer, actually an investigator for the Florida State Attorney (State Prosecutor) with "Alzheimers." I love driving my Trailmate Meteor and have driven over 100miles so, night and in the rain! I want to motorize it to take up the slack periods, and they will be in the appopriate Forum. So, Hello. Glad to be here.

  2. Welcome Patrick, from the Treasure Coast........
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    Hi there, Misterright1 99, I'm in Naples, Fl. myself. What do you consider the Treasure Coast...I thought I was on it.
  4. Im on the East coast near Sebastian Inlet..... I believe from West Palm north to Melbourne is considered the Treasure Coast and then father North is the Space Coast....
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    Another recumbent tricycle !!

    I'm watching those builds with interest, there is a lot of potential around my area, once you guys get the nuts and bolts of it down pat so an idjut like me can build one.

    Good luck !