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    Hi, names Paul I live in Scarborough, Perth WA, got an Avanti mountain bike & just orderd myself a ZBOX 50cc [upgrade to a 66 later] I want to run it through the gears so Im thinking about making my own jackshaft & freewheeling spocket, Ive already had a look at those kits they sell at Sickbikes & I reckon theyre a bit of a rourt for what they are, just too pricey!

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    Welcome from California!
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    Welcome to the forum in Perth also bud im up in Lesmurdie though bit far away from Scabs...I was starting to think i was the only one that thought paying ~270 bucks for two ****y steel plates a shaft and a couple sporckets was ridiculous OH and a 25 dollar set of cranks... I made one for my brother Paul very simple to do if you have a few basic tools, hack saw or grinder and a drill...Bearing holders is what you want, be a heap more solid than the SBP job too...Get the bearing holders online alot cheaper than Consolidated Bearing supplies sell them for...i would pm Graucho and ask him for the link to the site he sourced his parts from...If you need a hand doing it im happy to offer assistance if you can make it up to my workshop...

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