Paying back the scammers

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    After reading a post in the general forum about someone getting scammed, it made me think back to the one time I got to pay a scammer back and laugh in his face.

    Back a few years ago, when I was living in NJ, I was hanging out in the garage working when this white van came into my driveway and a guy jumped out and came in my garage and started talking to me as another guy started bringing in boxes onto my garage floor.

    The guy started unloading the boxes with all sorts of frozen meats and telling me the van ac went bad and he had to pull off the highway and sell them... after about 15 minutes of telling him NO, I finally gave in and spent $20 on what was to be 4 pounds of strip steaks. They packed up the rest and took off....

    A few days later, I went to defrost them and I am guessing when I was paying, the two guys switched the wrapped up steaks with another one which turned out to be 4 pounds of fat and grizzle... NO steaks just garbage.

    So, I got ripped off for $20 and hung my head low and had the wife laughing at me for a while.

    NOW, the payback.....

    It must of been a good 9 or 10 months later when I was fixing one of the kids bikes in the garage when, low and behold, would you believe the same white van pulls in my driveway again and the SAME GUY gets out and comes in my garage. I immediately tell him NO and get off my property, but he comtinues talking and the second guy brings in the boxes again. At this point I knew he did not remember me, so now the fun starts, get ready!

    Asked him to unwrap everything so I can take a closer look and see what he had, they spent about 5 minutes or so unwrapping evrything and I told them I was ready to buy it all. I told them I had to run inside and get my wallet.

    I ran into the house as I was home alone and got the phone and called the cops and asked them to stop by as I had someone refusing to leave my property.

    I want back into the garage and asked the guy if he remembered me and he ket saying no very hesitantly. I told the guy he ripped me off last time for $20 and now it is his turn to get shafted.

    At this point he started cursing at me and threatening me telling me he knows where I live...... ok, STOP! I will not be threatened in my own house, so I walked over to the door that leads into the house, opened the door and called for little becky....who is becky you ask? She is my 160 pound saint bernard who came out into the garage and started barking at them and immediately went for the meats..... as best as I can figure, she must of ate thru 15 or 20 pounds of meet before they tried to stop her and almost got thier arms ripped off!

    Just as this was going on the cops pulled up and asked what was going on.... I told the truth, I asked them to leave my property, they said no and began to threaten me and I had no choice but to protect myself with my dog inside.

    Seems his van was not registered so that got towed away from my driveway and for making threats at me they were brought in for questioning.... which left me with about 100 pounds of meats in my garage to keep.

    Threw most of it out and to the dog, I did keep some nice filets though!

    Thanks guys! That was good steak actually!

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    haha that is awesome. made me laugh for a while. i can just picture it in my head. i HATE scammers. good idea.
  3. Pablo

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    Chalk one up for the good guys.....I've seen the type! Good story and good one on you.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    That's thinking on your feet. Good job!
  5. spunout

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    hahahahaha nice! really nice.
  6. arceeguy

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    I get those guys here in my neighborhood, except they say that they are done with their daily deliveries and they somehow have some "extra" meats that they can sell me below wholesale cost. (cash, of course)

    I ask them if they would feed their family food that was bought off the back of a truck, and tell them to get lost. Never had anyone unload their cargo in my garage though.

    Also have had vans pull up when I'm at the mall, and the back doors swing open and some scumbag asks if I want to buy a home theatre system CHEAP! Once again, I tell them to go screw off.
  7. Skyliner70cc

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    Great story and THANK YOU for sharing it with me. We had two guys in a white truck also pushing frozen meats on us last summer and I would't be surprised if they were also scam artists.

    Yep, also had someone try to sell me a new home theater system too! Small world for scammers.
  8. kitcarguy

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    We get the van that pulls up with the 1000 watt stereo systems that they bought to many of and have to get rid of them.
  9. Skyliner70cc

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    Yep, but this one takes the cake. There are these scammers that exploit little girls, make them dress up in uniform, and peddle COOKIES door to door. Can you believe that!

    Anybody selling thin mint cookies for 4 bucks a box has got to be a scammer.

    I have a feeling they were part of a larger organization of cookie scammers. Anybody have experience with any of these "cookie gypsies?"
  10. fetor56

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    What next,cheap Made In China cookie scammers. :)
  11. terrence

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    Nope, illegal, imported, cheap made In China HT engines for under 180.00
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  12. machiasmort

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    Back when I used to turn wrenches... Might be forced to go back soon...

    My partner and I used to have to keep a riffle by us for dealing with these people...

    The inner city in Buffalo is very bad and they prey on people who are concentrating on what they are doing. Have to be friendly to possibility of new work, but keep your guard up.

    I feel bad for you guys down South that aint used to dealing with it... It's about to get a whole lot worse.

    The shop I worked for and the stories I could tell along these lines, I swear you guy's would not believe...
  13. machiasmort

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    Once had an enemy... Can't give away too much, probably still wonders...:confused:

    Sent a complimentary box of chocolates to his house courtesy of the local candy shop in town (complete with fake letter(explaining free sample enclosed).

    I got into the box using an exacto and dish washing gloves... Top's used to sell the empty minature recesses cups.

    Fed my buddies pitbull, Boo a 2lb. steak... Waited... Waited...:???: and finally Boo droped the chaloupa we were looking for!

    I processed a small sample very carefully. Painstaking process that involves a steady hand. You fill the bottom of the empty cup with chocolate 1/8" (let harden) and add Boo's magic filling (fresh and uncomposted)! Carefull not to let the filling touch the sides now. Want the magic stuff to be a supprise to the target. The chocolate that surrounds the confection seals in the gooey center and locks in freshness!!!

    My buddie almost yacked :puke: when I propossed the idea of a genuine peanut mixed in the filling for texture:shock:. That's up to you I guess.

    The recipient complained for weeks!!!:cry: I think I'd keep my mouth shut if it happened to me. He went arround threatening everybody he hustled out of money (quite a few). Apparently the center tasted like what it actually was according to his description.

    Price of project under $10.00 (including shipping)... Knee jerk reaction, PRICELESS!
    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!!!
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  14. kerf

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    I'm certainly no lawyer but it sounds like you just confessed to product tampering and probably various violations of anti-terrorism laws. Hope no Feds are watching.
  15. srdavo

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    you still have an enemy!!

    ever heard of E. coli ??
  16. machiasmort

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    Statute of limitations!!! Over 15yrs. ago. Poor old Boo is long gone (no DNA).
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  17. arceeguy

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    We don't feed our prisoners at GTMO dog feces. What the he11 did this guy do to "deserve" food poisoning?
  18. bluegoatwoods

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    Whoa.....that one flew like a lead balloon.

    We probably don't need details of what he did; your hints were enough to show that he was a real buzzard. And I was a bit amused until the guys who got in ahead of me reminded me that feeding someone "doggie treats" is probably not a good idea.

    Maybe we all ought to swear off this type of revenge.

    But it does get me thinking....

    Maybe some doggie diarrhea in the gas tank?

    (I'll have to file that thought away for possible future use)