Peashooter Tribute Build w/Honda GC160

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by vrgt2003, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    I started with a 17 year Huffy that was made in the USA, stretched the frame 6" and added a loop at the bottom. Added a 'bow' type racing brace to the forks.


    I chose the Honda GC160 for it's fit to the frame. I will try to make it look vintage by removing the shroud, facing the flywheel, and maybe adding a fake OHV pushrod head. I realize the potential for overheating.


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  2. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Ever tried turning the handle bar upside down for Looks ?
    Its looking good.Like your style.
  3. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Thanks, I will try that. I may try to faabricate new handlebars, The one's pictured are the original bars.

  4. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Update on the build

    Here are pictures of the lastest state of the build.

    Added a bracket for mounting the engine.

    Mocked up the tank in cardboard.

    Pictures at ground level of the current progress.
    PDR_0140.jpg PDR_0142.JPG PDR_0144.jpg
  5. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Just keeps getting better !
  6. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Update On Peashooter Build

    Finished the tank. It will need to be sealed and pressure tested.

    Added the tank and lower straight bar.

    Used modified EMT clamps to hold the tank.

    Started on the drive system. Will use the bottom bracket and a jack shaft.

  7. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    You planing to run rear wheel flipped ?
    Where you hide the pedals ?
    It's coming along fine !
  8. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Yes, we are planning on using a drum brake hub and solid mount the sprocket.

    The pedals will only be for a footrest unless we figure out how to use them to start the motor with the one on the drive side.
  9. Looks great! You should look into a moped rear hub. They have drum brakes, and a bolt on sprocket. You can get them with a single drive sprocket, drive sprocket and pedal freewheel, etc. They are available in left or right side drive. Most are 36 spoke so they can be laced into a bicycle rim.
  10. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Update to Build

    Added new Worksman wheels and tires.

    New Brooks Seat, modified seat post to move the seat back.

    Working on a kick start for the drive system.

  11. lonjack

    lonjack New Member

    Looks awesome!

    Can't wait to see the finished product.
  12. Your welding and fabrication skills are great, do you do this for a living?
  13. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Thanks, I can't take credit for the fabrication skills, I have someone in my shop who has the fabrications skills. This is the first bike project we have ever attempted. We are a industrial controls manufacturer with a little spare time to has some fun.
  14. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    i love the kick starter ideal.looks like your gonna use a freewheel sprocket and chain to the cranks shaft/flywheel somehow.
  15. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    Nice project. It should move along well with that engine. Watch the motor mount and frame though. You'll have quite a bit of torque twist going on.
  16. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member


    Modified a #41, 48 Tooth Aluminum sprocket and fabricated an adaptor to fit the sprocket to the Worksman Hub.

    Adaptor will mount to the hub with 9, 1/4-20 Flat Heads, Nuts, & Washers.

    Sprocket mounts to the Hub with 8, 5/16-18 Flat Heads.

    Put the wheel and chain back on for a quick look.

    The kick starter will use a freewheel but we will develop a ratchet on the crank arm to turn the freewheel that we hope will be enough to start the engine.

    We plan to beef up the motor mounting plate with extra weld and a few gussets.

  17. vrgt2003

    vrgt2003 New Member

    Added a new bottom bracket with bushings for the pedal shaft.

    Added a kick starter sprocket and crank arm and pedal to engage the freewheel to kick start the engine.

    Pedals can be rotated up ready for the kick start.

    Right or left pedal can be used for kick starting as well as foot rests.

  18. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    like the kick starter.good thinking.
  19. keystone

    keystone New Member

    nice looking build.That kickstart setup reminds me of the type used on the old maytag gasoline washing machine engines.
  20. Snake Bite

    Snake Bite Member

    Trick kick Mike

    I Like it.. a lot To Cool