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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member


    Pedal Chopper is YOUR OCC Schwinn Stingray “Motorized Bicycle” Chopper Headquarters. Pedal Chopper is a motorized bicycle dealer in Florida.

    Fort Myers

    Username: Manic Hy-per
    Products: Motorized and electric chopper bicycle kits, OCC Schwinn Stingray parts, bicycle accessories
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  2. Marine One

    Marine One Member

    Emailed them about some parts that they had but I only needs a piece of the kit asking if I could purchase what I needed and not the rest of the kit. Within 10 minutes had a reply email and a PayPal quote for just the pieces that I needed. Talked with Jim for almost 30 minutes making sure that everything I was doing was right (1st build) and placed my order. All pieces were nicely packaged and arrived in 3 days only because I placed my order after the post office closed.

    I had a couple of questions about lighting kits and he knew a guy that has developed EXACTLY what I was looking for. Sent me his direction and am saving up for that right now.