Pedal ignition circuit

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  1. New laws are being proposed in Australia that will require an engine to stop running when you cease pedal movement , some type of switch is needed that breaks the ignition circuit and switches it back on , Im no electronics engineer , anyone know of switches that could do the job reliably ???, or any method at all .
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    If necessary, that wouldn't be too hard to do, Simon. Electric bikes use a 'Hall-Effect sensor' that reads a magnet attached to the chainring for pedal rotation. That's used for the ' 'PAS' Intelligent Assist' systems, which apply power only while you're pedalling.
    A small black box with sensor input and a micro-controller switching a high voltage transistor to disable the ignition would do that fairly easily. A (very) small, on-board battery would be needed, though. Hopefully, that could be trickle charged on the negative half of the white wire output.
    (Before I retired due to ill-health, I owned and operated a small electronic design business for many years. I have all the gear here to design and build the above controllers, if they become necessary.)
    If the problem arises, we'll cure it. Your 200W RSE engine is safe, I'd say. Ignore naysayers such as pedalless.
  3. Thanks for the good news Steve , sounds easy enough to accomplish , kind of like an electronic distributor ? I know that once an engine is warm , flicking the ignition on when under way , a motor can be turned on and off at will .
    so much for panic merchants .