Pedal/motor hybrid solutions?

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    (I hope this is the right area to ask this.)

    I want to make my motored bike a hybrid drive-train basically. I want to make sure I can use my pedals if necessary, i.e. gas runs out. What are some solutions to being able to switch back and forth between the two easily without having to break out tools and modify? Any help or leads to this would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    is that a bike or what?

    I'm sure others will chime in here and say, if yur motoredbike don't have pedals then it's a motorcycle. that being said, I see a lot of chopper projects etc. that would be in a world of hurt if they had to pedal home without the motor. I like the late 80s hybrid/mountainbikes for the ability to pedal with the added load. I'm in the final stages of my Miyata 210 grand touring Motoredbike-just trying to perfect the motor mounts. good luck.
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    Well, here's the thing: I don't have a regular bike, I have a trike. A Schwinn Town and Country to be exact. I plan on bolting up a decent sized motor to the back of it. So basically I'm trying to find a way of being able to lock/unlock gears for the pedals vs. the motor.

    EDIT: OK, well, I MAY have this figured out. I was brainstorming this and I think it came to me. So I will leave this post at that.
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