PEDAL PUSHER says hi from Detroit

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    Hey guys, Im Tony/PEDAL PUSHER. I work in the auto ind. here in Det. I build concept/prototype cars for the auto shows and TV ads and ect... I ride a sweet Schwinn cruiser ssx (06) that I have made some changes to. I kept the blackout theme and changed out the fork to a locking Phantom type,same with the pedals,seat,rack w/tail lamp,chain guard,stem,grips and so on. Ill post a pic soon. Now I need help pickin the right engine for it. I hope you guys can help, thanx and hope ta chat with ya soon.

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    WE NEED PICS!!!!!!!!!11

    When I get my 250mpg recumbent fairing GEBEmobile running, I'm gonna drive it past the Rouge plant, Zug Island, up Jefferson to downtown and I'm gonna park it at Henry Ford's first workshop and I will feel like the champion of the world!

    Welcome to the board
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    Welcome Tony. We do luv pics.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome MBc member.
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    Welcome to MBc Tony. Look around and read a bit. You'll find that special motor for that special bike.
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    Welcome to MBc