Pedaling & Gear Question



Hi all

Im a newB and im going to motorize my Dual Susp MTB quite soon and would like to know how i can be able to pedal freely without the motors drive chain also spining, is this possible? if its possible could someone please advise me on what components is required to achieve this?

Thank you

Welcome to MBC.....I've often thought the same thing....Only thing I could figure was a custom made freewheel that you somehow lock (maybe with the aid of a removable pin)
when you needed to start the engine....Of course I have seen that somebody on here has managed to retrofit a pull starer on a HT engine....then you only would have to make a freewheel for the left side (still a custom piece but without the lock mechanism to start then engine)....Of course the messier option would be to rig up a quick detach master link (it would be nice if it could be a tool less disconnect) and remove and replace the chain as needed. Just my thoughts....anybody with other ideas?
Well... I have seen it done a few times.

If I had found my perfect frame, I would get the NuVinci hub from Staton and get them to attach another freewheel on it. I dunno anything more than that, so if you find further details, please post them here, because I am definitely going to order this hub in the next few months. Andy, can you still get those hubs for$275? Could you see how much more it is for the extra freewheel?

I know there was at least one other person who made their own custom double freewheel setup, but I would never be able to find the picture.

After reading this board for several hours, I decided this was the number one feature for me. I took the easy & cheap way out by buying a pre-built motored bike that already had a double freewheel setup (the NuVinci hub is $400, while the entire pre-built motored bike I bought was only $500) I bought the folding bike from this site:
The cruiser apparently has the same double freewheel setup.

As for your specific frame, the NuVinci hub is prolly the easiest way to acheive your dream... but it is certainly not the cheapest.