Pedals Of Death

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  1. drimpact

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    My wife said this thing was going to kill me, hence the name Pedals of Death!


    The expansion pipe is killer loud, but once this thing warms up and comes up on the pipe.. wow :D. The motor is my Kings 80. it is my oldest motor, I have been thru 3 bike computers, 4 rear wheels, 2 sets of brake shoes, 5 exhaust gaskets, 2 intake gaskets, several skinned knuckles, a bruised knee cap, and many many hours of fun in the sun. My mileage estimate is 2500 miles (+- 250) it seems to have lost a couple of MPHs as time has gone by but it still cruises at a steady 28-30MPH and will top out over 35. 38.7 is the current max speed on my latest speedo. I have gone over 40 going downhill with the wind at my back and an air leak at the manifold. Not recommended!:rolleyes:

    Here is a close up of the motor and pipe.

    The pipe came from spooky tooth a couple of years ago. I have been trying since then to get another with no luck. :(

    more to come...

  2. uncle_punk13

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    I dig that; sounds like it's a lot of fun, and has done well for ya'!
  3. azbill

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    looks and sounds like a lot of fun miles on your bike
  4. locoWelder

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    Nice ride Drimpact ! :cool:
  5. irish13

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    LOL great man!......oooohhhhh i was wondering who took the tuned pipe to my honda cr250! ha ha just kidding dude, nice ride man.
  6. Love the pipe.....Just curious how long ago did you get it and what did it cost?

  7. Dockspa1

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    Hey, I got a Kings too but not near the miles you have on it. I want to know where you found that TREK gas tank? Argh!
  8. drimpact

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    I got it two years ago, I think it cost me $75
  9. drimpact

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    Kings gas tank, Trek sticker.

    I need to take more pics now I have my MBc tank stickers
  10. drimpact

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    This is motoered bike # 2.

    So far I love it! Only 200 miles into it but it has been a blast to ride.


    It's back seat

  11. drimpact

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    This is how the tagalong attaches to bike


    And finally why I needed a back seat


    It will still pull 25-30 depending on wind. And as always it's smiles all around:p:p:p:p
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  12. Tom

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    that is so cool! Does he get a lot of exhaust back there? Do you notice a difference in performance with the stock muffler?
  13. drimpact

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    I have gotten no complaints of exhaust fumes bothering the boys.

    I chopped the baffle in this pipe. It does OK, but I am going to steel the expansion pipe from POD1 tomorrow or Monday and see how much difference it makes.
  14. uncle_punk13

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    Ohhh, that's a nice one! So you gonna rack up another million miles on this one too?!?!
  15. wavygravy

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    might i suggest a sticker in place of the trek sticker?it whould seriously add a touch of class to a well built machine!! or is it just me?
  16. drimpact

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    I cannot agree more! I have been lapse in taking newer pictures of my 1st bike (POD1) since I put on my stickers.

    POD2 sticker-ed!

    The black sticker looks great on the black tank, but I am going to have some letter only stickers made up locally to go with my purple tank, and a friends grabber lime one.
  17. drimpact

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    Thanks for the comment!

    I Like this new bike, Handles great on and off road, stops on a dime, and the motor is getting stronger every ride. I hope to retire POD1 now, (Terrible brakes) and far surpass it in miles with the new one. But as always time will tell!
  18. drimpact

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    New Pics with new stickers



  19. Looks good! I love the tagalong - my wife may kill me if I proposed such an arrangement.