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Get your pedals at Wal Mart. 5 bucks,yo and good quality too. I mean they still hold up after not really peddling all that much and holds up my weight I guess. It's about 6 months old these pedals and still look as good as new!
Highly recommended. this product gets 100 stars!!!
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(My dog is attracted to things that stink)


This is the Pedal Thread!

Good pedals under 20 bucks 9/16 get without ordering online.
Any suggestions?
I want pedals that are all metal,good bearings,and will grip your shoes,yo.
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I just took a nice set of metal ones off my trike. I replaced them with clip pedals. If you want 'em. PM me. You pay shipping.
Surely there's bike shops near you. But those pedals might cost $50.00.

I don't mind cheap garbage as long as it's easy to get replacements. Maybe you ought to carry a spare set of Wal-Mart pedals?
Alaskavan we could have traded for I have clip pedals originally on my bike!
So I have clip pedals originally that was on my bike.....
...clip pedals...

I took off the clips. No reflectors. That's kinda a bummer. But far far better than Wal Marts.
I think I'm done. Shopping around a lot of cool looking pedals under 20 bucks though.
Naw. I'm done.


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wal-mart, don't do it! buy quality and it will cost more. well worth it
LFL, I think it's a good idea to clean and grease the bearings when putting on a used set of pedals. It's something that is often overlooked.
Now is when I get to sound like a crusty old guy. My pedals are those that came originally on my 3 speed Free Spirit from Sears in the early '80s. I puts scads of miles on them...abusively as teens will do, they sat in a barn for 20 years, then cleaned up with soap and hot water and look good now....and those are from a moderately priced bike from a department store. They don't make 'em like they used to.
hough, im thinking of doing the same thing. every set of plastic pos i get the side always breaks, is this just me???