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  1. wow just got back from Florida riding the beach listening to the surf and waves and back to nashville ice and snow. we slid down our road and into the drive early this morn around 1am

    I have more to get up but time to uppack and check out the snow burrr
    and it was nice and hot at the beach a few hours ago lol:sweatdrop: :grin5:

    still can feel the ocean air down there and hear the waves hit the sand :tt1:

    we also got to meet a fellow motorbike freind who is totally awesome

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    What beach were you on? I'm guessing that those videos were taken yesterday or the day before, it got pretty stormy and cloudy those days.
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    well that looked to be a pretty cool ride

    out here on the West coast beach -- we would have a fast ticket in the sand

    enjoyed by MM
  4. yea it was wensday. We rode to Crabby Bills and ate crab legs and oysters then from there we found a beach access close by it was maybe indian rocks somewhere between treasure island and sand keys.

    we had to try out our new "billet" clutch covers we purchased from creative engineering from Jim our other motorized bicycle friend.
    You guys just have to have one of these their absolutely awesome!!!

    we left out thursday so to try to beat the snow and ice predicted for tennessee.
  5. we were very careful to not disturb anyone there was not many on the beach. If someone was there we just peddled. If you notice our videos are very short for this reason. :devilish:
    It was beautiful the surf and waves were up because of storms coming in.
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    private videos?

    the links are to private videos. id like to have a look. im linnix13 on youtube.