Peel P50 - MB -- Tell me I'm crazy.

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    Okay all,
    I've been tinkering with the idea of building a MB. I decided that I want to build a velomobile MB. I've been putting the pen to the paper working out some designs. Nothing I liked. I ran across the smallest production car yet, the Peel P50 produced in Peel, Isle of Man in 1962-1963. 50 of these little guys were made. It had a 49cc 3 speed moped engine in it.

    I'm thinking I would like to take this design, and turn it into a velomobile MB.
    Here's a link to wikipedia give some info on it.

    My riding conditions are mostly flat, around down riding. Top speed down town is 25 mph anyway, so I'm not looking to get this thing to that speed. I'm thinking between 15 and 20 would be fine where where I need to go. I have a 3 mile one way trip to work.

    What does everyone think of the idea?

  2. The Peel was little more than an enclosed, I person, fibreglass bodied, tadpole style three wheeled shopping cart. It looks a little like a shrunken minicar. Other than the poor aerodynamics, it sounds ideal for what you want. I wonder if you could find one and import it. It would be a standout at car shows. Smallest automobile ever produced. Cool.
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    That's about what I made of it too. There are only a few registered still in the UK and even less in the US. I think the last one went for around 50K pounds. Not bad considering they were $199 pounds when they were released.
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    I'm not sure how exactly you could make one a "velomobile" at all, unless you're a dwarf. For any normal-sized person, there's no room to extend your legs to pedal the thing.

    Top Gear did a test on one once, the video is online somewhere. Pretty funny stuff.
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    I love watching the motorcycle time trial around the Isle of Man. Nothing like it.
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    You right Augidog, that is one crazy velm. I got out the tape measure today and marked out the size of the P50. While I was setting on a regular folding chair, I was a bit high for the 47 height.

    With a little creative engineering, I think I could make it work, but I'm thinking I would need to use a smaller back tire, or at least that's what I'm thinking.
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    Pretty neat.....Hmm I've got that old hubmotor....Maybe I should finish my other stuff first. :dunce:
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    'bob, please tell me you did NOT sit in the garage in a cardboard
    box, hands out in front of you, and going "!"

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    Geesh augidog,
    You are giving my garage too much credit. It is full of ****. I did this in the drive way! Here are a few pics showing the outline compared to my daily driver.
    The tape on the stick propped up on the Jeep is the height of the original P50. It comes to the bottom of my outside mirror mounting bracket! Another interesting fact, the top of the P50 is only 14 in taller than my 33" tires! LOL I need one of these now..

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    Looks like you could park 4 of them in the same space as your Jeep.
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    outside even...better still :whistling:

    "mommy, what's wrong with that man?"

    "don't stare, honey, it's not polite."