Pending bill to be legal in Hawaii

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  1. JinbaIttai

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    Just so it's in black and white, here is the proposed motorized bike law in Hawaii.

    Unfortunately they removed 50cc or less from the books in this legal undelete. Although it's warm all year and strong winds blow away all smog, it will be non-legal to have a motorized bike in the most ideal of all states. You can thank Segway lobbyists for this mess.
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  2. Mountainman

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    so is it just about elect MBs ---- are gas engines included ?

    ride that thing
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    Wow. Never heard of an Electronic motor...
  6. RidingJesus

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    I hope you folks in Hawaii can ride without worry. It should be considered just a bicycle regardless of the electric motor being aboard.

    My prayers are that Hawaii can be a great place to ride.
  7. idiosyncratic

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    I wish more of Hawaii's legislators and politicians actually rode bicycles, motorized (motored) bicycles, and/or mopeds. Then they'd actually see all the problems/ challenges that we face.

    I like to ride my bicycle, own a couple of mopeds, and in the process of making a motorized (motored) bicycle.

    I'll have to start digging and paying attention more to what kind of bills that are coming out and start participating in fighting some of these nonsense bills!!!