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  1. Proffsr

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    Welp, finally got that tax return money and am making the buy, problem is I don't know if I should go for the skyhawk or another model. After I lost my license this is going to definitely beat the bus to get to work. Also, how does this fair on hills? There's a decently sized one on my way to work, will that be an issue? Thanks for all the help, read the noobs guide for the pre build and lurked a bit. Thanks gentlemen. :cool:

  2. ddesens

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    If you gear the bike right for your most common conditions any hill will be a breeze. I just bought my 4th china girl from ebay since summer. This last one was from boy go fast and its the best one yet.
  3. curtisfox

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    If you have a lot of hills I would consitter a 4 stroke they would have more low end pulling power. They coast a little more but would be worth it.............Curt
  4. thegnu

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    If your in pennsylvania an motorize a bicyle , an I hate to break this to you you must have a valid drivers licence to ride it , I just finished legalizing my mb , check the laws . sorry man .
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    I don't know about there but here you can take a special test for Moped permit.Like thegnu said gheck the laws before you get to far...........Curt
  6. LR Jerry

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    Here are my building guidelines: predominant riding terrain, local legal requirements, primary rider's physic and budget. It would be wise to look up your local laws first. Otherwise you may find yourself in jail and your bike impounded. If there's a way you can operate on the public roadways you might be able to use a shift kit to deal with the hills.