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    Hello, my name is Pat and I am currently looking for information involving motorized bicycles that do not require licenses within the state of Pennsylvania.

    My brother told me a bicycle with a 50 CC engine or below can be ridden without registration or a license. I recently saw a post on this forum about the exact same issue, so I made an account.

    Here is a link to the thread I am referring to,

    If you can help me find the law in which Buck is referring to, it would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. Check out the laws and legislation sub-forum on this site and look for threads about the keystone state. You can see what experiences other riders from your state have had.
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    Ill save you the search, you can find the info here.
    Im sorry to inform you but your brother is incorrect. A license and registration is required.However I have ridden past state troopers and they havent bothered me it is taking a chance just so you know. Good luck.
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    1. Motorized bicycles are safer than bicycles. The noise of the engine makes u more obvious and less likely to be hit and the speeds are comparable.
    2. Motorized bicycles are efficient at 100 miles plus per gallon and far less polluting than autos...tell it loud to any/and or all of your legislatures...motorized bikes are safe and healthy and the environment benefits, the riders benefit and the decrease in traffic congestion benefits all!

    I can think of few things sillier or more knee jerk then subjecting motorized bikes to standards beyond that of a bicycle. If u live in a state doing such and u have not contacted ur reps I really have to ask.. WHY?
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    Pat, I talked to 2 state troopers that I met while out riding my Whizzer one day (they were in plain clothes) and they both said that nobody is going to ticket me riding my Whizzer "unless they are a total butt head" those were their words.

    Even after that I was concerned with local cops frowning on seeing it on the road but, just in the last 2 weeks I have driven past 3 local police cars (3 different times) and none of them even payed me any attention.

    I go easy though about 15 to 25 mph and stay out of the way of traffic.

    Be safe and smart and enjoy the ride!

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    welcome to another pa rider. beware because there is butt head cops out there. i am currently in process of title and regs. for 1 of my 3 mopeds . this all came about when after 4 yrs of riding local police told me to get a plate and threatend to tow my bike. they actually sent me my title a week ago, still no plate though. good luck.