People Ask -- Is That A Motor ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mountainman, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Mountainman

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    Yes - on almost every day that we ride our MBs - we hear that question asked. Is that a motor ? We are some of the ones who are bringing the thought of riding MBs back into the minds eye of many.

    Please feel free to comment in regards to:

    MBs a conversation piece - to say the least - met any cool people ?
    When people ask for more information - where do we send them ?
    Asked questions regarding your state or local laws ?
    Miles per gallon ?
    Many ask where to buy one ?

    OK - it's a wide open thread here

    At most times - I am an outgoing friendly guy - who enjoys sharing the trill of riding MBs with everyone that I come in contact with - answering ALL of their questions - at other times I can stay low - to myself - just me and my MB. Ride That Thing - Happy Riding from - Mountainman

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    Not riding long but ...

    I have not had this bike of mine very long but I get my fair share of people asking and waving and "thumbs-up" kind of stuff. I had a guy down the street the other day wave me down and ask me a lot of questions. I told him to come up here (this forum) and I told him where I got my kit. I said that I didn't have my own numbers yet, however people up here say they get better than 100mpg. So far I have not had any negative comments or any of the rude behavior that some other people report. I suspect it'll only be a matter of time though . . .
  3. Scottm

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    Interaction with the pubilc is my favorite thing
    I've met more neighbors and made more friends. I've built a bike for one complete stranger. He just wrote me a check and said get what you need.
    I have an MBc sticker on my helmet, so they can write it down or enter in their cell phone. Short trips to the store endup lasting longer than if I had taken the car, no one wants to talk about my Buick. There's a bar near my house and I get to prk my bike with all the choppers and hogs. Sit on the outdoor porch and talk MBs with bikers.
    Older people always talk about their Whizzers, veterans talk about the motoredbikes in the Phillipines or Guam when they were stationed there.
    I was stopped by police who thought it was the coolest thng in the world "I know there's something illegal about that, but not off the top of my head. I certainly wouldn't write you a ticket for it.
    Women don't notice me unless I have my dog riding with me.
    These bikes crave attention.
  4. Happy Valley

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    Pro and con, like so many things in life there are positive and negative charges propelling things.

    My real passion in life is fishing and one of the main reasons I got into MBs is improving my access to the water. This also played largely into the reason for choosing a Subaru friction drive; the relative quiet and ease of disengaging into bicycle only mode.

    Where I live and much of the fishing I do, fishing access is contolled by parking....or lack of it. There are right-of-way accesses from colonial times but modern property owners get no-parking bans installed and enforced and have no compulsions about having you ticketed or towed. Hence, a bicycle can prove to be an advantage.

    On the pro side, I met a great guy last night fishing who was totally enthused with my outfit. Without prompting, he instictively understood my approach and that being discreet and mindful is often the best way to achieve what it is you want to do. We agreed to talk more.

    On the con side, I had an incident with a motorist the other day who gave me a piece of his mind. I was motoring 20mph down the right side of a two-lane road, checked the mirror and swung around a string of parked cars. Before I could pull back in past the last parked car, this dude in a large SUV came up fast, buzzed close and laid on his horn.

    At the stop sign I came up along side of him and he had his window already down. He said I was a hazard, shouldn't even be on the road if I couldn't keep up with traffic and asked "is that thing even legal?"

    I assured him it was, that he was being inconsiderate, that bicycles have a legal presence, and intimidating a bicylist could be considered reckless driving.

    He replied "I only hope to xxxxx that doen't catch on" and drove away. Hmmmmm..... I'm left sadly with the thought that in the end his kind might prevail and will be the legal undoing of this MB thing.
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    Sometimes I fret over the conjunction of the "public's right to know" and the "newsworthiness" of the story. Trying to avoid a soapbox rant, let me just say that I believe stories that tend to make the reader feel vulnerable sell better than other stories. Consequently, we hear front page about horrific things, and except under extraordinary circumstances, only hear about the "resolution" (he was caught, convicted etc) in the back pages, if at all.

    The upshot of this is that "road rage" becomes increasingly publicized, modelled, normalized etc.

    Now, if there were stories about how would-be victims defended themselves with devastating effect, teaching bullies a lesson.... I think the incidents of road rage would be on the decrease.

    Walk softly and carry a big stick. Preferably a stick that is a collapsible baton. ASP makes strong ones that won't break. That's the first piece of extra equipment to be mounted to bike, as soon as it gets here. Ok, second. First is a speedo/odometer.

  6. Ozi

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    I'm quite happy being the wannabe Al-Qaeda terrorist weirdo.

    I dont talk to no one because in my town all the people are dumbed down lazy fat pigs
    that would never ride a bike even if their McDonalds counted on it

  7. Today I stopped by a roadie that had a flat tire. I carry a foot pump with me always. We got to talking. I told her that sometimes I feel unwanted in these bike trails. She tells me it's cool as long as I'm not speeding dangerously. I assured her that I don't go faster than 15 mph MAX on the trails and that I actually like 12 mph and more than allow people to pass. She knows this she tells me because she passed me a mile back.
    Well anyway these roadie tubes aren't compatible with common air fittings go figure so I actually couldn't help her at all!
    I'm gonna find an adapter for these tubes. Someone has to make them.
    Yes,I'll never need it,but another roadie might.
    That's my mission,dawgs. Help a fellow biker in need.
    I passed a lot of homeless today too on them trails.
    Shoot. Even with todays prices 10 bucks I could make some sack lunches. Couple of sandwiches,ketchup mustard and mayonnaise packs from McDonalds or Taco bell wherever. A bottled water.
    Yea. Next time I roll down Cherry Creek,lunch is on me.
    Whenever people want a closer look I'm more than happy to have them look and I like the conversations. It's always "I'm so tired of paying for gas! What's your gas mileage? YOU'RE KIDDING!!"
    The other day though a Roadie did his "stance" hard to explain and held out his arm at me like he is teh law. As I passed him in the most whiniest voice he said "hey wait!"
    I know what he was going to say. I just did not feel like explaining my existence to him that day.
    Overall my experiences as of late has been positive. Because a deaf driver (I know. Sorry) hit me I have been utterly afraid of moving vehicles so when I move in traffic I do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people's attention of my existence. And lately the extra stuff I do is met rather positively.
    Tomorrow I'm gonna get me a safety flag.
    I don't care if it looks dweeby. On the contrary,it makes our MB's look like a bicycle because how many Harley Davidsons do you see out there with a safety flag?
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  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    I get questions and attention all the time with my powered bike trailer. Because I'm "towing" my engine, it confuses people, and they are curious and have to find out how the engine propels the bike. I've had hot girls beeping at me at intersections, and I'll sometimes ride with other folks on ATV's just for fun. My life is more interesting and fullfilling since I now ride a motorized bike!

    MB's forever!!!!
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  10. Mountainman

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    I have had three people approach me now asking where to buy a MB. SERIOUS ONES - have been plenty - interested. I recently found out that since I ordered my engine a local bicycle shop now carries the same (owner of shop is a nice guy) - I feel good about sending ones to him. I am seeing more and more MBs here in San Diego County and expect this to be WAY MORE THAN A FAD !!! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  11. s_beaudry

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    Can't say many people have stopped me to speak with me, but I do get ALOT of looks and people slowing down to get a better look at my pusher trailer. A few guys driving have gave me the thumbs up while riding it.
  12. CalgarysFool

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    Dweeby Safety flags...

    Hey Large,

    I saw a new item a few years ago where they had riders cut those orange fiberglass flags down to ... I dunno, 2 1/2 feet in length, and then mount them to the back of a rear carrier/rat trap horizontally -- so the flag stuck out to the left of the bike.

    (Have I described that clearly?)

    They claimed traffic gave bikes a wider berth.

    I can't decide if it's dweebier to mount the flag in the standard vertical position, or horizontally, but if it's safer....


  13. Mountainman

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    THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THREAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The main coment i get is"that motor isnt big enough to move your fat but".:shock:
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    Well, I responded selectively to a part Large's prior message. If, in so doing, I've ridden astray of guidelines for topicality, I apologize.

    I'm a bit taken aback that I seem to have committed a shouting offense here. Perhaps with a bit more time on the forum I'll get a better sense of what is and isn't acceptable.

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    You did nothing of the sort, and there's no need to apologize. I think someone (who will remain nameless) might have missed Large's comment about the flag.
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    My experiences with the public regarding any of my MBs have largely been positive (except for the occasional idiot driver who doesn't believe in sharing the road). With the Whizzer, most of the comments I get are, "I didn't know Whizzers were still made" and "Where can I buy one?"
    With my GruBee (HT) powered vintage cruisers, I get this question the most; "Is that a Whizzer?" One person (actually a local cop) , seeing my '46 Columbia with the brick-red tires and the chrome springer asked, "Is that an antique Harley?"
    People end up talking to me at length about the bikes, and usually end up wide-eyed when they learn how many miles per gallon they achieve, even with my lard-butt on them. I've even ended up making friends with a couple of them and getting them set up with Dax engines for their bikes.:D
  18. mikaleno

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    This is another great thing about MB's. You're going slow enough, you can stop, park and talk anywhere. I love talking to people, (young and old) about the MB's, it's a great conversation piece. A lot of times it's older people that don't get the chance to talk to anybody anymore...... I feel good about that.
  19. Mountainman

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    OK - guilty of jumping the gun here
    apologized thu private message

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Yes - ran into some old guys - who really get a kick out of these engines - I usually after talking with them - lift my rear wheel up and give it a little throttle - they watch that wheel spin - hear that smooth little motor - BIG SMILE !!! I think that it may remind them of the old days when things were so much more simple !!! Ride That Thing - Mountainman