People From Perth Come Here!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by brendonv, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Hey guys, if your from Perth could you please fill out the following form so everyone can see if we all live close and stuff like that.

    Bike (including engine):

    So heres mine,
    Name: Brendon
    Bike:Kmart bike, Zbox 49cc
    Full Suspension bike, Friction drive ryobi whipper snipper

    Thanks guys.
    My step dad says he see's them around everywhere now so there must be a few guys around here. If we find out some live close its easier if someone needs help or something.

    From Brendon.v

  2. brendonv

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    Trying to get this started again. I see heaps of people out riding around the place, it would be lovely to meet you all. I see one guy in my area that rides up my street everyday but i always miss him hooting up the street. If your from perth PLEASE post a response here.
    Thank you
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    hey lol i talked to yu on youtube lol nice bike, pity i dont have one yet =(
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    Name: KiM
    Bike (including engine):Full Custom built Cruiser, Turnigy (6500watt)~9hp electric motor

    I have half a dozen people (e-bike owners from Endless Sphere Forum) lined up for a ride in few months time around the river, ICE bikes on the bike paths probably wont be a good idea though ...

    Best of luck gathering ICE riders..

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