Performance carb?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by geebt48cc, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. geebt48cc

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    I was wondering about the Dellorto, or the RT carb from Dax? Uno, from what I read, for the money, you just can't find a better carb than the RT from Dax? I want to at least be 15mm, cause it will be trying to work with a reed valve. .................any thoughts?

  2. mountain80

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    I have yhe Dellorto Phbg 16 mm. It is easy to work with and parts are easy to obtain. It is a very tuneable carb and works well with my performance engine.
  3. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Yeah, that's a very nice carb at 16mm..............I just wonder if this Dellorto clone the RT, will half way be ok? I know it's 15mm, but read nothing but +++'s about it...........? We'll soon see.
  4. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    I prefer the Speed NT carb better than the RT carb.
  5. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    REALLY? Sky, I've been reading quite a bit on the RT carb, and people rate the RT as much better overall?!~ Note: I know it's not a true DELLORTO, but pretty darn close?
  6. Lunardog

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    Have to agree with Skyliner on this one. I bought one and it does not have the adjustability an NT does. All you can do is change jets, I have the reed valve also and will be replacing the RT with another NT shortly. If you are trying to tune in best mixture possible, in my opinion, the circlip and needle height adjustments in an NT are better for accomplishing this.
  7. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    So, there's nothing on RT to adjust other than jets? Now I'm just curious?, So,................ if you are riding a good ways, and everything acts as if its running great, when you get back and do a plug chop and it's lean???????? Then you only can jet? ............or just destroy your engine??????????

    There's got to be a combination, or else you would hear more bad than good................