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  1. p0On RaiD3R

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    I believe I found a great engine with a muffler to go with a bicycle.
    It is high performance and is made to be pushed to the limit (not like the chinese motors). And the exhaust pipe is calculated to the engine and thats the whole point of what we want our silly Chinese to do.
    Tho... the exhaust pipe is on the bike and you need to buy the whole thing. Its cheap. Around $170 for engine and muffler.
    I bet if you call the site you could just get the motor and muffler separate from the pocket bike. They have upgraded chrome exhaust too for even more performance. I like!
    They also have a four stroke engine thats around 110cc. It does around 55+mph. A bit high for me just on a cruiser bike. But maybe later why the **** not.

    this is there site

    I have been looking for a about two weeks on this site ( and many others about engines and how to make the muffler better. I believe this is a goooood start.

    It also Has 10,000rpm peak and just a bad ars engine.
    Now, can anybody tell me how to not make it a pull start?:D

    And hello all! This is my 2nd post.

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  2. p0On RaiD3R

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    And check this one out.

    It is the 49cc engine.

    I am going to bake brackets to fit my bike. They will bolt on the bike so I do not mess up my paint finish. Will let you guys know when I get my brackets done. Will take pics.
  3. eleseur96020

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    sweet, that is gonna be one BADA** bike. Are you going with a chain or what are you using for the drivetrain?
  4. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    cool lookin engine. where do you ride those things legally anyway??
  5. p0On RaiD3R

    p0On RaiD3R New Member

    I have changed my motor since I posted last. I am now getting the one in the link.

    And also here is the site.
    This costs more but the engine was built with Italian love.

    I live in California so as long as it is still under 50.1cc engine I do not need insurance. And am also putting it on a laid back beach cruiser.

    We will see what happens tho:rolleyes:

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  6. eltatertoto

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    that engine looks almost like a happytime but with a kick start. i think easy rider has a morini. id ask him if u want details.
  7. p0On RaiD3R

    p0On RaiD3R New Member

    Thanks. Tho, I am already him about brackets and the bolting on process.
  8. grezm0nkey

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    curious to ask what kinda MPG u get from one of these morini motors.....very nice.
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that little morini THING flies !!!!!

    just a guess -- I don't think the morini gas miliage would be very high

    but - after seeing that little THING fly -- who cares -- I would like one...

    ride that morini MB thing
  10. grezm0nkey

    grezm0nkey Member

    i went to the website and looked at the technical print....those measurements are in cm, right?
  11. p0On RaiD3R

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    The get about 90-100 mpg.
    the engines are so sick