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    is it worth putting the effort into these little motors, or are they easily broken?

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    performance mods

    Yes and Yes.

    I have found out that the mods make the bikes a lot more useful to get around town with and give you a lot more freedom out in the suburbs were I live. I have problems with traffic in the burbs and I can't get a stock motorbicycle fast enough to merge with traffic out here.

    This is the third motor that I am setting up and they are really inexpensive to replace(the two strokes anyway) and they have a tendency to fail quite often but dollar per mile they are cheaper than the bus and they get you there when you want.

    the reason I am not working on mine now is that I road the bus yesterday and got a cold.

    mike f
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    Welcome to Mbc. And, yes it is well worth investing in these 'little motors.' Some are, of course, better than the others...I prefer the 4-strokes (Robin-Subaru, Honda, etc.) altho there are many fine 'lower-cost 2-strokes. Always remember tho, read, read, and do your research..then remember, that you only get what you pay for! I can sell you a cheap engine...and that is what you will get...a CHEAP engine! Do your research!
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    i would prefer the 4 stroke aswell, for the noise and pollution, but arent the 2 strokes more powerfull? if not, what would be the biggest frame mount 4stroke avail? have been doing heaps of research, lol, and hopefully my custom jackshaft will work properly, if so, am mre than sure most of you are going to want one.... keeping under wraps for the moment, but hoping to test run by end of week, does anyone know much about patenting by any chance?
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    Thunder...just food for thought. I am a rather heavy MBer riding a rather heavy Delta Trike with a rather heavy Staton gearbox. With engine and no cargo except my kit-bag, that comes to about 312 pounds, or +/- 142 Kilo. This is all powered quite nicely by a little Robin-Subaru EH035 4-stroke and has been clocked on Police Radar (thru a level 1/4 mile, w/no wind) at a steady 42 mph. I cruise at 20-30 mph with no problems. I have about 800 miles on that engine (it took me a while to get a speedometer,) and, as long as I keep the oil changed frequently, use fresh gas, keep the filters clean (anything you would do for your car, only on a small scale) it will keep running better than the pink bunny.

    The R/S has got to be the best 'little motor' going: it has a real oil system with internal passages and back-flow valves (not just a splash system like other 2&4-strokes), whisper quiet, will run in almost any position, has a cylinder sleeve (not just a bored-out cylinder in the aluminum casting) unlike the Honda and 2-strokes I know [altho I could be wrong] and others, 33.5 CU. CMs displacement, and puts out a screaming 1.6 raw H.P.! Not too shabby for one of those ‘little motors’…I am quite sure that mine will outlast me.
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