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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Wrench66, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Wrench66

    Wrench66 Guest

    I searched thru most all the pages of archives and couldn't find one picture of a trick pipe or expansion chamber, did I miss it? Replacing the straight pipe into a muffler stock set up with a proper chamber pipe will definately help you guys looking for more speed and pulling power. I am piecing together a want list for my first biuld and near the top is a expansion chamber of one type or another. Up over the top of the cyl head and through the frame or some sort of down pipe under the crank set like an old Elsinore 125.
    Show me the pics........or will mine be the first? hehe


  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    look at the bottom of THIS page to see the "similar threads" section...start in one of those existing topics instead of starting a new pics?...maybe yours will be the first ones, then.

    again, use one of the already active expansion pipe topics.
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

  4. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    expansion chamber photo

    hi all first post heres my expansion chamber photo that ive just finished ,havent tried it yet coz the coil died and while i was waiting for that to come i thought i would make a chamber, im using the standard exhaust muffler because its quiet,also in the photo i made a chain guide from teflon that had a groove cut in it , and it is much smoother and quieter than the roller because the radius is much greater than the roller and being teflon there almost no drag:smile:

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  5. Nice mods!...Can't wait until you get your coil to see how you think your chamber works!

  6. OOPS....Look at the thread titled "pedals of Death"....First poster has a nice chamber...Also, there was a fella from England I think (maybe Phil Cred?) that has a nice chamber on his bike too....

  7. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    Here is a pic of my Grubee Rat expansion chamber. It came from SpookyTooth a few years ago. It was 1 of 10 that Roland was able to get. I have been in contact with the grubee about getting more and these seem to be no longer in production. At least I have not been able to find more!

    It gives decent midrange power increase, and when my Dax 70 finally gets done breaking in I am hoping it will find its high end power band like it did on my first bike which has a Kings Motor 80cc.(picture) On the kings I lost 5 MPH by taking this pipe off in place of the stock pipe.

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  8. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    Picture from Grubee site:

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  9. gauge

    gauge Guest

    man drimpact that pipe is alsome y dont the sell them anymore ???????????
  10. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    I wish I knew! I would have bought 6 more if I could have. This thing is awesome for sure.

    On my way back from lunch today I got the first taste of the second powerband. I was cruising at 33 MPH when all of a sudden the motor seemed to spring to life and I looked down to see my speedo reading 37.5. I quickly backed it down, but oh what a rush!:grin::grin:
  11. Wow...I've never seen that on the Grubee site.....Hmmmmm I'll have to look again....What is the cost and who sells them?.....I spoke with duane awhile back and he said he had some pipes coming but that has been a long time ago....

  12. Hmmmm....Just looked at their site and no pipe....Am I just not seeing it??

  13. gauge

    gauge Guest

    andy drimpact said they dont make then anymore we have t get in touch with him and ask yyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  14. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    You are just not seeing it. I got that second pic this morning from there site. in the SkyHawk section

    I spoke to Dennis Foster, the Grubee parts guy, about 6 months back and they are not available from Grubee any more and will not be.

    Hopefully Dax can get them! It would be a top selling item for sure.
  15. gauge

    gauge Guest

    how does that pipe sound compared to the stock one
  16. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    It is much louder! I am carefull to pedal in the neiborhood and wait till I hit the main road before starting the motor.

    When it comes up on the pipe it sounds just like an ultralight airplane engine.
  17. HI,

    Wow...You really have to look to find it!....I did speak with Duane awhile back and he kept mentioning he was getting a better muffler but I still do not see it on his site....I guess there probably wasn't enough demand for the pipe?....I would sure love to get one But I guess it looks like we'll have to get them custom made.....I'm still gonna try to make one when my work schedule slows.

  18. stinger48

    stinger48 Guest

    good looking pipe you have there. i finally got my coil and tried my expansion chamber , i lost a tiny bit of low end power but mid range and top end where much better but it did not like cruising because the engine is (off pipe) at that rpm , so i took off the chamber and used some 19mm tube and made a long pipe all the way from engine to the muffler that is mounted on the rear axle,now i have more torque down low than standard and it still goes well up top and me being a light 115kg it still pulls 51klm/h and still getting stronger with the more miles i put on it,i am also in the process of fitting a 50cc chain saw carby to the engine because the chainsaw carby has the high and low mixture screws so i can tune top end speed on the fly these little 2 strokes are so dependant on correct mixture to acheive optimum speed and power ill let you all know how i go and will post some pics when i charge the camera cheers:cool:
  19. gauge

    gauge Guest

    norman were did u get that crome expantion chamber that thing looks alsome
  20. connoisseur

    connoisseur Guest

    Custom exhaust

    Custom Exhaust

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