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  1. cspaur13

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    i have a 2 stroke 80cc raw engine on my bike and im wanting to put a performance exhaust on it and i couldnt find any. do u know any sites that sells them. and do pocket bike mufflers work on it.

  2. alex

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    pocket bike exhausts work, but there's going to be some fabrication involved. And I saw a thread somewhere where a vendor was making an expansion chamber for the bikes.

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  3. hill climber

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    pipelyne sells exhaust for the ht. maybe someone can chime in and direct you
  4. jvirginillo

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    SCSW Tuned Pipe

    Here you go. I have one nice design. You will use your old muffler with this pipe (if you want to run with it.)

    New SCSW Tuned Pipes for sale!


    Well their finally for sale to the public! The new SCSW tuned pipe will dramatically increase your mid and low range. The pipe comes with the mounting bracket, a built in heat shield, hardware and header pipe. Comes black or raw. You can run it with or without your stock silencer. Call and place your order with Pipelyne Manufactoring. (408) 279-2307
  5. HI,

    Power Pipes are available ;-) ......Pic one shows side view on bike ....Pic #2 shows Top View....The Power Pipe tucks in tight to provide plenty of clearance from riders legs...Keeps the engine exhaust heat away from the riders legs...

    Happy Holidays!


    PS - PM me if you want better pics (my other pics are too big for the site)

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  6. jvirginillo

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    Powerpipe Muffler

    Andy where do you get those mufflers? Nice pipe looks very good.
  7. Pablo

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    Here's an old photo of my set up:

    Now I have a muffler on the end...much quieter with no loss of power. The second is similar but with a different pipe. We should have an economical alternative kit in the $70 range soon. (very similar to these two examples)

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  8. HI J,

    We sell the Power Pipes....For more info and oics you can look to our myspace page
    (see signature below).

    Hope this helps you.

    Thanks for your interest in our products....

  9. jvirginillo

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    Andy I should have mentioned I already have the Pipelyne pipe on my bike but have been looking around for a nice muffler. Just wondering how quiet your pipe is with that muffler (I checked out the video of course). I think the look is great.
    Is it a 2 piece kit? Muffler and Pipe?

  10. HI,

    The expansion chamber and silencer (chrome piece attached to the gold anodized silencer) is one piece (the gold "can" can in theory be removed to repack if needed) and the header pipe is another piece (may require minor welding depending on install)....bending is possible BUT pipe would have to be heated since the metal is very heavy gauge (much heavier than than the chamber)..

    The header pipe is tack welded so adjustments can be made depending on the particular welding can be done at most any muffler shop because the metal is heavy walled....the chamber / silencer is all assembled....the trim pieces (Stainless mesh, and trim pieces (red color in production models) and misc clamps are end user installed buy provided.

    Hope this helps.

  11. zackwyldefan

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    put some straightpipes on the bike man.