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    ive been through a couple exhausts, about 4 at this point. they all have their pros and cons. my first pipe was a standard one i had vibrated the baffles out, and was heat wrapped in titanium wrap. it looked pretty good, and even had good low end torque but alas it wasnt up to snuff.

    next i had a voodoo expansion chamber with a muffler i cut off because it was 5lbs by it self. it had evenbetter lowend torque, but horrible top end.
    my third exhaust was a bananna expansion chamber, it performed great even had a little torque band 3/4 through rpms. i knew i could do better though, as a 2 stroke is only as good as the chamber.
    the next pipe i used was the arrow snake pipe, and what a difference it made, i have a very wide torque band, a slight hp increase, an amazing too end, and a few mph off of the pipe. then we get to sound, it sounds awesome, like a lil pitbike, and if you remove the muffler, it sounds like a 125 going down the warpath lol
    i only have one pipe i could possibly upgrade to next, and thats a kx or yz 65 pipe, which requires fabbing and welding. if i go that rout, i know for a fact you gain lots of bottom end torque off it.

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