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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by JemmaUK, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Hi all,

    One thing I havent noticed on here is any information about performance figures...

    There are so many different engine/drive/frame configurations but I'm still curious as to why, when my little tiny two stroke can hit 30mph, people are shoving 80/160cc singles onto a push-bike... not to mention the vibration factor...

    From what I can tell it would be like sitting on a field-marshall tractor made out of matchsticks...

    does using the 49/80 type engines improve matters any perfomance wise, or is it just the american lazymotor idea of the more ccs or cui the better.. and I dont mean that nastily...

    so can people post some perfomance figures - comparisons of different bikes and engines...

    Mine is currently topping out at 46.6kph on grass, warm weather on an engine thats done less than 50 miles. And thats with more left :)

    On tarmac I suspect it would make 35mph

    Incidentally - anyone had any legality problems in the UK?

    Jemma xx

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    jemma'...the topic kinda wanders & includes a coupla different issues. see the "forum descriptions/captions" to figure out where stuff belongs...and, the best place for a new member to start a "new topic", imo, would be "introduce yourself."

    not everyone here has more than the 1 (or 2) they own...making real-time comparisons difficult...but it appears you've been doing "some" reading...the figures are here, they just need to be collated.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:Jemma,you're in the "Wild in the street" forum, which is self-explanatory.

    you're in "bigger is better", "if one is good, two is twice as good", "more for the money", "oneupmanship" territory.

    some of us just like to be different, or be the first to reach the moon..

    in the outside world, motored bicycles are different. in THIS world(forum), i can be different.

    i have a twin-80cc engine project and a pocket bike engine-to-bicycle project. that's bizarre, compared to my ROBIN friction drive or my MITSUBISHI gear chain driven DAHON.

    both of my one-off projects SHOULD do well. the 80cc engines are noted for their low-end torque; with twin engines, they should also pull well on top end with 36-tooth sprocket.

    the 2.6 HP 49cc PB engine should perform exceptionally, with 38% more HP and higher rpm range than the ROBIN.. i should be able to use the smallest friction roller for good low end, and the PB engine should still pull strong for top speed.

    and if someone could figure out a way to install a 36hp 1200cc VW engine onto my bicycle, they would.(it'd probably work, with the engine mounted transversely on a sidecar with STATON'S wheelbarrow differential. of course, that's with 2 frames siamesed together and mucho better brakes..

    you'll notice i did not mention the 57hp 1600cc VW engine, because THAT'S plain crazy.

    vive' la difference!

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  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i'm different too, maybe more different than you are, or at least differently different than you....what's the difference between your difference and my difference?
  5. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest


    that is probably a question you dont want to ask ;)

  6. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i was in a good mood...could you tell the difference? :p :lol:

    but it was rhetoric, you're correct, i don't wanna know :shock:
  7. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest


    I run a Mitsu 43cc friction drive, and I will say this: I can go, more or less:lol:, the 30 mph which is the maximum allowed for this type of transportation.
    I often have more fun than I am legally allowed.:grin: Of course, this statement may, or may not, be related to how fast I ride.
  8. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I heard a NPR Morning Edition radio report this morning, about Harley Davidsons (mainly) troubles with noise ordinances in Urban/subdivision areas.

    Decibel limits, "nuisance laws" originally aimed at speaker systems in cruising automobiles, has turned around and bit "monster motorcycles" in the a**.

    Guys in early a.m. morning, rolling the hogs out the driveway, down the street, getting a half mile from the "immediate" neighbors, cranking up at the first stop sign.

    So, when you think about the physical fun, riding in the breeze with a full 360 degree vision, these MB's could be a great substitute. You could beat the decibel limits and comply with the speed limits. Then take the Ducati/Triumph or Harley out to the country roads for weekend rides.

    Some of the "types" could be one of a kind MBchoppers, like are found in this area.

    btw: Bert Munro is a New Zealander MBidol, taking a stock 1920's Indian with pedal start, from 54 mph to over 200, under 1,000cc displacement. Heres a thread about the movie "The Worlds Fastest Indian"

    Anyway, I've rode many miles on 4 GEBE's, 25/33/40 and a few on the R/S 35-4cycle.

    36 mph is straightaway/stock limit I think, but I've been timed at 46mph bottoming out on the hill below the house. Rebored cylinders got the 25cc up to 54mph on a round track. Dennis set the 25cc(out of box stock engine) Bonneville Salt Flat mark a few years ago at a little over 41.5.

    The 2 Whizzers that one customer owns, (in addition to his RackMount and IndianHog replica) have 136cc displacement/no transmission, hits 50mph easily, and Whizzer's rep told Jack that the lack of a transmission keeps them "streetlegal".

    (Afterwhich he told Jack how to remove the plate restrictors, get another 3-5mph performance).

    I think "uniqueness" is the key, taking something and improving on the idea, trying to put one's mark on "history of MBdevelopment", the forum being an excellent place to document AND justify ideas.