Engine Trouble performance issue please help.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by megamotormagna, May 8, 2012.

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    Ok so I'll try and lay this out so i dot forget anything. I ride my 80cc powered ride as my only means of transportation to and from work 5 days days a week, its alittle over 16 miles and 45mins round trip. Earlier this week out of no where on the way home while at WOT it slowly lost power and eventually died. i then tried restarting it, and after a dozen attempts and playing with the choke it would idle(rough at best) and would back fire and puke gas out of the carb. after i got home i pulled the spark plug (the original) and it was black and packed with soot. I have put Probly over 700 miles on this kit with out any upgrades or having to replace anything. so i bought the ngk suitable replacement gaped .025, it helped some, sorta. it will now idle great and start easy, but still not sounding or performing near what it was. Next i replaced the gas tank petcock, and put in an in line fuel filter better but im still 10mph less then before. i eliminated the kill switch and soldered the two ignition wires and used heat shrink and electrical tape. i inspected the magneto for moisture and bad wiring found nothing. i removed the top of the head and inspected the position of the new spark plug making sure the piston wasn't hitting it(it isn't) i then cleaned the top of the piston, it had some carbon build up but not much. That seemed to help i suppose. also removed the exhaust and checked for blockage, found nothing. i removed and completely took apart the carb. i checked and cleaned everything, checked that the jet was tight, float is set correctly, float need it good and flowing great. i did however just remember the last 2 gallons i mixed had about 2oz too much oil. so im running 32:1 now and have moved the needle's "e" clip all the way up to lean it out more. now it seemed even better a little more top end (25mph tops was 32mph max before this all stared) i have tested for spark via grounding the plug at the head and cranking over the engine, it looks to be weak to me but im an auto tech guy so maby these arnt as bright as a spark? on the way home today from work it starts, and idles great no issues but halfway home it was cutting in and out. While riding I'll wiggle the plug wire and the ignition wires when its cutting out to see if anything happens, but nothing does. i have tightened the insert in the plug wire to spark plug a few times. I have a 2 wire coil from a 82 kawasaki 305 could i use it instead of the factory cdi, or will it fry the magneto? is it time for a tear down and rebuild? how long do these engines last(its a mega motor kit from kings motors)? i need this as it is my only way to and from work, and i work from 12am to 9am so my wife is sleeping and wouldn't enjoy waking up our 5 kids to drive me to work lol. thanks in advance i love this site and read it often.

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    Found an answer to my coil question so disregard that one. lol.
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    Guess ill check the crankshaft seals?
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    This might be a long shot but have you checked your muffler for blockage, see if its packed with soot or needs to be drained/cleaned?
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    Yea i forgot to mention i did remove and disassemble the muffler. i blew threw it and it was free flowing. However, i removed the magneto cover to find gas/oil in there. i removed coil, magnet, and the key. the crankshaft seal wasnt flush so i wrapped a shop rag on to my flat head and gently pushed it back in. then smothered the seal with gas/oil resistant, high temp rtv sealer. now im going to wait for it to fully cure before reassembly.
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    fix them crank seals and shell get all her get up n go back again! remember how it goes under the piston? the mixture gets compressed in there so it can be squirted up into the cylinder. if the seals are leaking, theres no compression.

    your sealant can do more harm than good if it gets under the sealing surfaces. wrong application.