Performance Pipe for Weed-Eater Engines Question ( GEBE Staton)

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  1. I was thinking about putting on my performance pipe to pull some extra RPM's out of my engine........

    Has anyone with the weed eater style engines...(GEBE, Staton, ect.) with a pipe ever have problems with the exhaust breaking or cracking or mounts breaking ect?

    What did you do to secure it good and proper?

  2. I guess there is no response cuz everyone has the chinese two stroke style setups on their bikes huh.

    Can nobody give me their opinion/experience with this question?

    I guess the GEBE / Staton crowd are the minority in a sea of happy time engines.


    I guess I will just going to have to do it myself.....
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I've used ADA S1 expansion pipes on my Mitsubishi TLE43 2.2hp engines. I had to cut the mounting brackets off to clear the Staton friction drive housings. I ran twin engines, front and rear friction drives w/the ADA pipes. I also believe I ran the same pipe on a rear Staton chain drive w/the Mits engine.

    The pipes made a lot of power and made the engines more quiet. The Mits engines had serious breathing issues at top end w/the original mufflers. When I installed the ADA pipes, both engines were able to run way past their redlines.