Exhaust Performance Speed-Demon Muffler with Expansion: Bad Quality Control

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    So a while back when I got my New Engine I got a few extras one of them was an expansion chamber exhaust. It is much better in-terms of performance and quietness but the biggest problem is who ever welded the flange really messed up big time. This thing is slanted really badly and the sad part is I really like this pipe.

    One other thing that really annoyed me is I had to re-drill the holes they where way to small and then I had to hand grind and sand off the paint off of the flange to make it sit better.

    I am thinking I could cut it off and re-weld it right if I only had a welder. If anyone has any ideas I'd be open to trying them.

    For now I've just used some Permatex high-temp copper gasket marker because the gaskets keep falling apart and they don't sit right anyways.

    Here is a link to the muffler for reference: http://www.amazon.com/Performance-Speed-Demon-Muffler-Expansion-Motorize/dp/B00L2PSAKY

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    thats crazy. looks like a decent pipe.

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    Yea you would think they would have taken the time to ensure a more consistent product but that said it still is a good pipe besides all the defects. Having to spend hours grinding, smoothing and drilling by hand sure where a hassle though.
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    I bought one of those black, medium length poopoo pipes with a thread on muffler. It might be modified to fit somehow, but for now it is on the shelf. It swoops out right where the cranks are on my onex bike (it's longer than the bike this pipe was bent for) so I will someday saw it off and extend the straight part back about 9 inches.
    The flange and pipe look pretty small, the exhaust port is a lot bigger than the flange's hole and the angle there is wrong, too. I think it would be great for a 50cc on a tight little frame, like a Huffy Cranbrook.
    The point is, none of these motorbike accessories (especially expansion pipes and exhausts) fit right without a little fiddling around. I don't mind too much, it's all the more satisfying when it is mounted and looks good.

    That's a clean looking pipe you found, Sega. I hope it runs real well for ya.
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